Before and After Pics Showing How The World Has Changed Over Time

I am sure you must have heard this phrase atleast once in life. “Jab hum yaha aaye the to kuch bhi nahi tha, sab khali pada tha” ( When we moved here there was nothing ) World is always changing. If you go out from your house you will see development everywhere. Houses being rebuilt, cities being developed, new roads, subways, flyovers and what not.

Today we are sharing some piece of history with you. Before and after photos of some major cities. These are selected images, but if you wanna explore more such kind of images, you can check out Its an awesome website which lets you see before and after photos of major cities around the world.  

Tour Eiffel, Paris, France, 1910 – 2016

before and after photos    

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper, New York, USA, London, England, 1932 – 2011

before and after photos    

Reichstag, Germany, 1945 – 2012


Quai Des Nations, Paris, France, 1900 – 2017


Chaney Glacier, USA, 1911 – 2005


Pavillons Of The Nations, Paris, France, 1900 – 2017


Warmenhuizen, Holland, 1950 – 2016


Sultan Abdul Samad, Malaysia, 1941 – 2016


L’viv, Ukraine, 1943 – 2017


Rysstad, Norway, 1888 – 2013


Notre-Dame, Paris, France, 1944 – 2017


Japanese Troops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1942 – 2016


An Abandoned Car 1980-2015

before-and-after-photos-of-changing-world-13   Source –


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