Don’t you ever feel like I wish I could be this organized while scrolling through your Pinterest? I am sure we all have once used this phrase –“God why is everything in my life so messed up”. Believe us we totally understand. Being organized not only simplifies our small pieces of work but also our life.
Even if we try to keep everything in place it all ends after a day or two. It is just next to impossible to keep our life organized. When we were kids our mothers used to handle all such things but as we grew up and started living alone the burden came on our shoulder to manage everything- our closet, our expenses, our books, ‘OUR LIFE’.
Given below is a list of things that we can do to sort everything in our life. Yes! We have your back. Have a look-

Being Organized – Things You Could Do!


1. Organizing the apps on our phone-

Being Organized

It might be the most basic thing to do but trust us this will make your phone look neat and organized. All your apps will be contained within two pages. You can make different folders and then keep the related apps in that. For example- Name your folder ‘social’ then shift your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter etc in that folder. Similarly, folders named utility, wallet, games can be made to manage/sort apps on your phone.


2. Keep things in place-


Least time consuming and will do wonders in finding things in place when you are getting late. You just have to use a thing and keep it back in the same place. Like a key holder by the door, a bowl to keep the change, a drawer to keep all your data cables, charger, USB and similar electronics. You get the idea. Not only this will keep your environment clutter free, it would be easier to locate things when you are in hurry.

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3. Write down how much you spent-

 being organized

Crying in the month end for spending way too much is a common problem. The solution to this is rather simple. Keep a small notepad or journal handy and write down after purchasing anything. This will help you keep a record and you will observe your splurge pattern and cut down on things which are not necessary.

If you don’t want to do it the traditional way, there are apps which you can download on your phone and link it to your account. Every time you make a transaction/purchase, you could label that and keep track of every single penny.


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4. To-do list-

 being organized

To meet the deadline of a project or your monthly or yearly goals start in a sequence. Make a to-do list every morning after waking up. Write down the tasks you want to accomplish according to the priority and check it on the list once it is done. You will love yourself for doing this.


5. Packing hacks-


Packing stuff is a nightmare for most of us. To make this easy mix and match your clothes – take a pair of denim which can be paired up with shirts and tees. Rolling your boxers and socks and stuffing them in your shoes saves a lot of space. You can also follow some DIY sites for some packing hacks like ‘Crafty’,  ‘5 min craft’ and many more.



6. Get rid of old clothes which you didn’t wear in the last 1 year-


How many times has your mom scolded you for your messed up wardrobe? Plus when you ask for new clothes you are told that your closet doesn’t have space, you have that many clothes. Organize your closet for this selfish reason :p
Give those clothes which you have not worn in a year to someone needy or your younger cousins.

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7. Label your drawers-

being organized

Does your almirah have everything and anything inside it and your stuff lies randomly in all the drawers? This makes it difficult to find stuff when you are in a hurry. Segregate your stuff like pens, files,  folders, pencils, markers etc. and keep them in a drawer and label it as ‘Stationery’. Another drawer for your make up material can be made. This is a definite time saver and you will thank us later.



So this was our take on how being organized can make your life simpler. These were some simple hacks which will help you and save your time while you are in a hurry. Incorporate these in your life and you will never be late again.
If you have some tips which can be helpful please do mention in the comment section below.



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