In this article, we are talking about the best educational movies.

The world needs great teachers and the best access to education. But, unfortunately, many people view movies as one of their life’s pleasures. But there are movies that to a man to educate us and show how education can change the world. As a student, buy an essay from while you will be watching educational movies. Here are some of those movies.

Best Educational Movies

Freedom Writers

Year -2007

IMDB – 7.5

The movie is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell, who is a young teacher. She inspires how a class I’ve got students at risk to learn how to tolerate pursuing education and apply themselves beyond high school.


School of Rock

Year -2003

IMDB – 7.1

A musician who is in line with heavy metal music is jacked from his band and then manages to land a teaching job for his roommate at a private school. There, he decides to come up with a new band and uses the kids he teaches in his class. His main aim is to win a competition against the old band he is from.


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The Ron Clark Story

Year – 2006

IMDB – 7.6

The movie is about an aspiring story of a young teacher who leaves his home to teach in a public school situated in New York City. While using his unique set of rules for his class, he makes a massive difference in the students’ lives that he teaches. One girl is trying so hard to attend school as she helps raise the other three siblings. The teacher offers her a chance four hard to get through the situation and lead the class as a top student.

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Year – 2009

IMDB – 7.3

There are so many odds stacked against a black teenager, who by now is pregnant and carrying her second child. She cannot read or write, but when she gets a chance and got accepted into an institution, the announcement under the teacher stands out to help her better her life.


Music of the Heart

Year – 1999

IMDB – 6.8

A teacher who teaches violin finds it very hard to get a job decides to create one for herself. She starts by building a music program within Harlem in a school. The movie is based on a true story.


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Mr. Holland’s Opus

Year – 1995

IMDB – 7.3

A music composer decides to take a job as a music teacher to make ends meet, but in the long run, he ends up falling in love with his profession. He struggles to connect with the deaf son the same way he relates to the students.


Dangerous Minds

Year – 1995

IMDB – 6.5

A retired marine lands a temporary job to teach at a poverty-stricken school; With the student having no enthusiasm for learning or her arrival, she decides to use very new methods to gain their trust.


Stand and Deliver

Best Educational Movies

Year – 1988

IMDB – 7.3

A staff on Howards insists on keeping his students who are low on socioeconomic virtues to drop out. Instead, he changes the lives of the kids by teaching them advanced mathematics. The movie is based on a true story.

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Lean on Me

Best Educational Movies

Year – 1989

IMDB – 7.5

A new principal is also a talent and is one of the worst schools in New Jersey; His new job is to get kids dealing in drugs to have high scores in their tests so that the local board there’s not pulling out from the school.




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