Organizing a kitty party for your ladies? Games are the most important part of your party, which can make or break your image as a hostess. Don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, we list some of the Indian kitty party games for ladies for your next house party. These kitty party games are interesting, fun and will make sure your friends have a fun time when they visit you.

In this article, we have kitty party games with toothpicks, kitty party games with coins, kitty party games with bangles, kitty party games with handbags, kitty party games with cards and much more.


20 Best Indian Kitty Party Games


1. Guess the advertisement

kitty party games

One of the easiest and fun kitty party games. It is time to put to test your knowledge of all those advertisements which you watch every day. Make a list of all the popular taglines, make as many copies as there are people. Within two minutes they have to guess the name of the brands who have these taglines. The person with the most correct answers wins.


2. Name a few…

party games


Ladies pride themselves for their knowledge of different brand names. This game is the perfect game to flaunt that. Hand everyone a pen and a piece of paper and ask them to write the name of as many brands as are they can remember within a minute. The brand names could be related to anything, cosmetics, cloth shops or even cars. Beware, this one might get a bit too competitive.



3. Kitty Party Game with the Toothpicks

kitty party games

For this party game, you will be needing a few packets of toothpicks. Place them in a box and the player has to pick them out only using their palms, they can only pick one toothpick at a time. The person who picks out most toothpicks within a minute wins.

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4. Tie the knot

party games

A popular topic of conversation for women at kitty parties is who is tying the knot with whom. This is an easy and fun game takes this phrase literally. The best part of this game is that you only need a length of rope. Every person present will have to tie as many knots as possible within a minute. The fun part of this game is that for winning each person will have to untie their knots within another minute.

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5. Handbag Queen (Kitty Party Game with Handbags)

kitty party games

This is one of the perfect kitty party games. We ladies are like ferrets, anything which may be remotely important to us it manages to find its way in our purses. This game is all about knowing who is the biggest ferret amongst us all. Everyone present will have to show the contents of their handbags and the person with the most items will be granted the title of handbag queen.



6. Guess the Song

guess the song games

If your girl gang enjoy listening to songs then this is the ideal song. For this game write the lyrics of Hindi songs in English. Make as many copies as you have players and then they will have to guess the songs in two minutes. Whoever guesses the most songs wins.



7. Challenge your memory

party games

This game is to test the memory power of all the ladies present. For this, you need to arrange some articles on a tray. Show this tray to everyone present. Now hide this tray away and give everyone a pen and paper. They have to write the name of the articles in the same sequence. The person who gets most articles right wins.

8. Toothpick in thermacol balls

kitty party games

For this game, you will need shot size glasses, toothpick and thermacol balls. Fill the glass with thermacol balls up to the brim. Now one has to add toothpicks to it without making any of the balls to fall out. The person who manages to get maximum toothpicks in the glass without spilling any balls wins.



9. Tongue Twisters

kitty party games

This game is the perfect example of old is gold. The rules remain the same, make a list of the toughest tongue twisters and ask the lovely ladies to put that tongue to some use apart from gossiping. The person who gets the maximum number of them correct wins.

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10. Say the color, not the word.

say the colour game

Yet another old school game, which is always a big hit at any party. Challenge your friends to play this game and if anybody takes more than 15 seconds they are out of the game. The last person left will be the master of control.



11. Alphabetic Chats

party games

If yours is a chatty group, then this is the perfect game for you to host. In this game the first person will start a conversation with A, the next lady present will have to continue the conversation with a sentence starting from the next letter of the alphabet. The person who takes more than 30 seconds to speak gets out of the game and the last person standing is the winner.



12. Spot and Write

party games

It is a fact that women are a lot more attentive than men and when it comes to noticing what other women are wearing at a party there is no beating them. This game is all about knowing who is the best among all in noticing other people’s attire. Divide everybody present in groups and each group has to make a list of clothing and accessories which everyone in the room is wearing. The group with the most articles on their list wins.


13. Biscuit Sliding Game

biscuit sliding game

Another easy one-minute kitty party games. This is a good way to treat your friends to some cookies while playing an interesting game. In this game, a person will place a biscuit on their forehead and have to slide to their mouth. The person who eats the cookie first wins.



14. Rapid Fire

kitty party games

Another old game but one which proves old is gold and a hit as a home party games. To add a twist to this game make a time limit of 30 seconds, if anyone takes more than 30 seconds then that person is out of the game.



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15.  Tambola

gambols party game

One of the most popular house party games. It is enjoyed by one and all. All you need are those printed number cards and a board with the number of coins. 



16. Find your Bangles

find your bangles game

In a huge bowl place all different colored bangles. Ask a person to choose one color, now they have to pick as many bangles of that color as possible within a minute. They are not allowed to drop any other color bangle out of the bowl.


17. Spill the Beans

kitty party games

This is perhaps one of the best Indian Kitty party games. Easy and fun, this game is all about your hand control. For this, you need two bowls, one filled with some kind of daal (Pulses/Seeds) and one empty. Now using two spoons only you have to transfer the daal from one bowl to another and you can transfer one piece at a time. The person who can transfer most pieces of daal in a minute wins.


18. Blind Tasting

blind testing game

This is the perfect game for your gastronomic friends. Blindfold your friends one by one and make them taste different dishes. The person who guesses most dishes correctly wins.


19. Cups on Cards

kitty party games

This one is all about speed and control. For this game, you need plastic cups and cardboard cut into squares. The player needs to stack a cup atop cardboard and make a tower. The person who manages to stack the maximum cups in a minute wins, without toppling it over wins.


20. Lock and Keys 

Collect as many locks as there are players and lock them all. Now mix up the keys and place them in a bowl. Each person has to find and unlock as many locks as they can in a minute. The person who unlocks the maximum number of locks in minute wins.


So here you have it 20 Best Indian Kitty Party Games. Give one of these games a try and leave a comment if you particularly liked any one of these. Did we miss something do let us know in the comment section below? 



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