One of the top and most iconic heist films is Ocean’s Eleven. Its film series is really fantastic. Some of the best movies like Ocean’s Eleven are listed here.

You probably already know that the plot of Oceans Eleven involves 11 guys, led by Danny Ocean, planning to loot a vault connected to 3 casinos in Las Vegas. While its film series are largely related to one another and great as well, to our surprise, we also discovered some of the best movies like Ocean’s Eleven. These films offer plenty of excitement, action, and in some cases even a hint of sarcasm.

Isn’t it awesome? I know it’s fantastic, lol. well. Check them out and get started although we’ve organized them according to their IMDb ratings.


14 Best Movies Like Ocean’s Eleven


Inception (2010)

IMDb – 8.8

Genre – Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

Directed by – Christopher Nolan

Dom Cobb is an extractor who is paid to invade the dreams of various business tycoons and steal their top-secret ideas. Cobb robs forcefully the psyche with practiced skill, though he’s increasingly haunted by the memory of his late wife, Mal. But then, a wealthy businessman Saito hands over the responsibility of dissolving the empire of his business rival Robert Fischer Jr. But this time his job was not to steal the idea but to plant a new one: ‘Inception’



The Sting (1973)

IMDb – 8.3

Genre – Comedy, Crime, Drama

Directed by – George Roy Hill

The Sting was the worthy winner of the Best Picture award in 1973, evoking a time of criminals and con artists. Swindler Johnny Hooker seeks retribution when his companion is murdered by the goons of brutal crime boss Doyle Lonnegan. He is helped by Henry Gondorff, a con artist who is dodging the FBI.

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Catch Me If You Can (2002)

IMDb – 8.1

Genre – Biography, Crime, Drama

Directed by – Steven Spielberg

The movie tells the story of Frank W. Abignale, Jr. who is just a kid as he pretends to be a schoolteacher. After his father and mother get a divorce he runs away and starts pretending to be a co-pilot, a doctor, or a lawyer. The way he does this is funny and brilliant.



Inside Man (2006)

IMDb – 7.6

Genre – Crime, Drama, Mystery

Directed by – Spike Lee

A bank robbery in New York has spiraled out of hand, and police detective Keith Frazier must act as a hostage negotiator to free the staff and customers of the bank without further disturbance. This turns out to be a difficult case because Dalton Russell, the leader of the bank thieves, is a very intelligent person who has everything meticulously planned out and who gives Frazier and his guys surprise after surprise.


Baby Driver (2017)

IMDb – 7.6

Genre – Action, Crime, Drama

Directed by – Edgar Wright

A young, good at heart child who is compelled to lead a life of crime in order to repay a debt is the subject of the storyline. Beginning with a bank heist and a thrilling car chase, “Baby” is shown as a getaway driver who suffers from tinnitus and is overseen by the criminal boss Doc.



Now You See Me (2013)

IMDb – 7.2

Genre – Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Directed by – Louis Leterrier

The storyline centers on the Four Horsemen, a group of four magicians from Las Vegas who rob a bank while performing one of their shows. It then becomes a cat-and-mouse game as the FBI tries to figure out how these magicians accomplished it while chasing after them.

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Logan Lucky (2017)

IMDb – 7

Genre – Action, Comedy, Crime

Directed by – Steven Soderbergh

The Logan family, infamous for their long history of misfortune, is followed in the storyline by their sister Mellie, brothers Jimmy and Clyde, and their parents. Jimmy is preparing to pull off an elaborate heist to end Logan’s financial problems and end the family curse after losing his job at a mine located beneath the Charlotte Motor Speedway.



The Italian Job (2003)

IMDb – 7

Genre – Action, Crime, Thriller

Directed by – F. Gary Gray

After a risky gold robbery in Venice, John Bridger’s crew of thieves is betrayed and left for dead. The remaining members meet in Los Angeles to reassemble, exact retribution, and take their gold back.



Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

IMDb – 6.9

Genre – Crime, Thriller

Directed by – Steven Soderbergh

The plot of Ocean’s Thirteen begins when one of the original eleven is duped by his old business partner, who now runs his new hotel-casino. When the gang learns about it, they resolve to exact revenge on him by devising a scheme to sabotage the opening night of the new hotel, but in order to pull it off, they turn to a foe who shares their disdain for the shared enemy and offers his help.


21 (2008)

IMDb – 6.8

Genre – Crime, Drama, History

Directed by – Robert Luketic

Ben Campbell is highly gifted with numbers and needs $300,000 to attend Harvard Medical School. When his professor, Micky Rosa, recognizes this talent, he invites Ben and a few of his other students to play 21 in Las Vegas. However, it appears that counting cards are a viable strategy for winning the game. Ben repeatedly assures people that it is only for school, but of course, when he gets very hot, he goes much beyond what is appropriate and ends up getting caught with some unpleasant security personnel.

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Focus (2015)

IMDb – 6.6

Genre – Comedy, Crime, Drama

Directed by – Glenn Ficarra
– John Requa

“Focus” blends two distinct films in a fairly equal amount. One is a movie that follows tradition and is about con men, scammers, and hustlers. The second film is a romantic comedy about two people who are drawn to each other but can’t and won’t trust one another.


Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

Best Movies Like Ocean's Eleven

IMDb – 6.5

Genre – Crime, Thriller

Directed by – Steven Soderbergh

Danny Ocean and his crew defrauded Terry Benedict of 160 million dollars three years ago. Benedict now requests his money back. added interest Ocean and his crew are therefore forced to scramble to pay their debts; finding it too hot to work in America, they shift their focus to Amsterdam.



Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

IMDb – 6.5

Genre – Action, Comedy, Crime

Directed by – Doug Liman

The marriage of John and Jane Smith is perfect. Not quite as perfect, though. And they have been concealing information from one another. They work for rival firms that do outsourcing work for the CIA.


Ocean’s 8 (2018)

IMDb – 6.3

Genre – Action, Comedy, Crime

Directed by – Gary Ross

At the annual Met Gala in New York City, Debbie Ocean assembles a team made up entirely of women to execute a robbery that is impossible.


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