Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Sharing your every day with someone gives you immense joy. How a person becomes such an important part of your life. You learn many things during this process. Other person makes you want to be a better person. There is something about meeting a person and falling in love with them.

But this happens after a series of dating. You have to start a conversation to see if you are compatible. Some one-liners fall flat when you approach a girl and some lead you in having a conversation. Here we have depicted some Best pick up lines ever (According to Reddit) which were successful and many ended up in a marriage. Take a look-


Best Pick Up Lines Ever That Actually Worked



Walking into a bar and introducing yourself. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but it sure as hell shows that you have confidence.

Hi, My Name is John. If anyone is looking to make a mistake tonight


Best Pick up line ever


“I can’t cook a good lasagna, but I can cook a great lasagna.”


pun pick up lined


This pickup line is really cute and simple. Most of the times it does work. It gives a compliment in a bit of a funny way. And who doesn’t like compliments?

“You have a bit of cute on your face”

best pickup line for tinder


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The next one also shines if you are confident enough. Everyone loves a confident person and the same applies in case of dating. Just don’t be creepy when you are using this one ??

“Hey, you’re beautiful. Can I tell you again next Saturday over dinner”

clever pick up lines


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The next is just plain funny. This may be the funniest pickup line I have ever heard. It’s kinda played out but you have to admit this does bring a smile on your face.

Guy – Hey, you dropped something.

Girl – What?

Guy – Your standards! Hi I am_______


pun pick up line


This pickup line works best if you are in a bar. It has a bit of a backstory to it. When approaching someone, you have to order a drink (preferably with lime). This may be a nerdy pickup line.

“This is my pickup lime”


nerdy pickup lines


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If you can fake a French accent, you should really give this one a try.

“Let me take you out for ice cream, you look like you’d enjoy some French Vanilla”


smooth pick up line


In this one, you need courage and a lot of confidence and again don’t be creepy. Walking up to a girl and holding her hand. If there is instant chemistry then this will definitely work.

“Hi, would you mind holding this for me while I take a walk in the park?”

pick up lines for girls


The only reason we are including this one in this list. We found it really funny. You could give this a try, it might work for you!

“I wish you were my big toe so I could bang you on all of my furniture.”

best pickup line ever


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The next one is not only clever but also a nerdy pickup line.

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“I wish I were a secant line so I could touch your curve twice” 

P.S. – Guy is married to the girl he used it on. Isn’t it cute?

clever pickup line


Again another pun pickup line which will surely crack you up.

“I have a job and a vasectomy. I can buy you dinner and I won’t get you pregnant.”



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Pun pick up lines sometimes work and sometimes don’t. It all depends on the response. Here is another one-

“Hey, is your dad a baker? Because you have some really nice doughnuts- and.. uh… You’re really cute.”


pun pick up lines



Again confidence is the key here. We found it genuine and a little bit cute.

“Do you have a name, or can I call you mine”


clever pick up line which will work


This is little played out but if you do it right, you might end up with that lovely girl you have been looking the whole evening.

Guy – Would you like to come back to my place for some sex and pizza?

Girl – No 

Guy – So what, you don’t like pizza?

P.S. – These guys are together ever since.



pizza pick up lines for tinder


This pickup line also has a really cute ending to it. The guy is now married to the girl he used it on. It is straightforward and one of the best pick up lines ever.


“Have I ever told you how much you remind me of my future wife?”


best pick up lines ever



So these were some of the best pick up lines ever which might actually work for you. Do you have any goto pick up lines or icebreaker that you use to start a conversation with a girl?
Do let us know in the comment section below. If you think this article might help someone, do share.


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  1. Hi Bhawna,
    These lines are great, but I really like the last one. You are effectively telling the girl you’re with that she is pretty and has a good character that made her a wider material.

    Thank you for sharing.


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