Robert Downy Jr is perhaps one of the coolest celebrity. This 54 years old actor oozes charisma and charms the audience with his performance and wit. He is the real-life Tony Stark, (He has got the wits and charm). But many people know him for the Iron Man role and haven’t actually seen many of his other notable work. Robert Downey Jr. has many amazing movies registered to his name.

It has been some time since Avengers Endgame came and Tony Stark saved the day but you can watch some of his amazing work in the below-mentioned movie. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started-

Amazing Robert Downy Jr. movie performances you should definitely see.

Amazing Robert Downey Jr. Movies That are Not Marvel Movies

Charlie Chaplin

robert downey jr movies

Apart from a very different yet look-alike of Charlie Chaplin, Robery Downey Jr. did a swell job. The quality of work delivered by him in this one is fantastic and you will get to know about the life of Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comedian of all times. How he rose to fame from poverty and all the twists and turns in his personal life and his encounters with the FBI.

This amazing movie by Robert Downey Jr. is a must-watch and we recommend it if you want to see some amazing cinema.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

robert downey jr movies

Harry Lockhart played by Robert Downey Jr runs from cops and ends up giving an audition, only to land a part in a Hollywood film. But wait is he that lucky? He is trapped in a murder investigation later. The movie has violence, suspense, nudity, thrill, and drama. The entire star-cast has done a good job depicting the characters they are playing. This is one of the funny movies done by Robert Downey Jr.

Tropic Thunder

robert downey jr movies

Tropic Thunder is an action-comedy movie which won the Critics choice movie award for the best comedy. The three characters, one of them is played by Robert Downey Jr. of course, are trapped in a real war while shooting for a big-budgeted movie. The movie is a good watch when you want to watch some comedy stuff. This will not disappoint you. This is one of the Robert Downey Jr.’s best comedy movies

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Sherlock Holmes

robert downey jr movies

Sherlock Holmes is the best when we talk about the detective series. Many actors have played the character of Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. has again done a fantastic job in this one. Yeah! nothing new in that he is indeed amazing. This is one of Robert Downey Jr.’s best movies.

The mystery unravels when Henry Blackwood who was stopped by Sherlock from committing murder is alive. The movie and the performance by Robert and Jude Law are worth watching. One of the highly recommended Robery Downey Jr. movies from our side.

The Judge

robert downey jr movies

This is another gem from Robert Downey Jr. The character of a shady attorney is brought to life by Robert Downey Jr. His father who is a judge has a twisted relationship with him. There is a beautiful depiction of the complex relationship. He visits his hometown after his mother passes away. The complication arrives when he decided to defend his father in a hit-and-run case despite being poles apart with his father.

Due Date

robert downey jr movies

Peter Highman played by Robert Downey Jr. has to be with his wife before she delivers their first child. Alls going well till he meets an aspiring actor Ethan. Circumstances compel to take a road trip with Ethan. The movie has many funny moments and the performance by Robert is commendable and deserves all applause. Zach Galifianakis is equally impressive as Ethan.

Less than Zero

robert downey jr movies

The story is of three friends who are caught in a web of drug situation. Two of them are addicted to cocaine, Robert Downey Jr. and his on-screen girlfriend. The third friend Clay returns to his hometown and finds out about this situation. While Clay is helping his friends get rid of this toxic habit, he is resisted by the famous and dangerous drug dealer.

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robert downey jr movies

The movie Zodiac has a good star-cast and the performance by them is amazing. A serial killer named Zodiac targets the residents and kills them. The movie is based in late 1960s and 1970s. Robert Downey Jr. plays a reporter in the movie and is very keen on bringing the killer to justice and reveal his identity. The killer is a maniac who enjoys the chase and leaves cryptic messages for the authorities before making his next move.

The movie is definitely a one-time watch and is recommended by us if you love watching this king of teasing suspense-thriller.



The Soloist

robert downey jr movies

Another one from the Robert Downey Jr.’s best movies list. The Soloist is the story of a man who is really at the edge of collapsing. He feels that his life is mundane and stagnant. His marriage is not going well, he is not happy with his professional life. Just when he has given up he sees a man playing a two-stringed piano who is homeless. He starts thinking of a story and looks for the behaviour of a man but in real he is the one undergoing changes.

Chances Are

robert downey jr movies

The movie is a bit weird but the concept is just some different eve unique. Robert is in love with his wife but remembers being in heaven after sometime. He is re-incarnated and falls in love with a woman who is his daughter form the previous life. He realises his love for his wife but the problem is his then best-friend pursuing his wife from the previous life.


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Only You

robert downey jr movies

This comes under the list of Robert Downey Jr.’s best romance movies. The story revolves around a girl Faith who thinks that her true love is some guy named ‘Damon Bradley’. Well, she grows up and is about to get married and destiny takes her to Venice where she meets Robert Downey Jr. She goes through a struggle of choosing between destiny and her heart, which is shown beautifully in the movie. Get ready to watch Robert’s A game in the movie one more time.

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The Pick-up Artist

robert downey jr movies

If you like the concept of opposites attract then you would definitely love this movie. Robert Downey plays the role of a commitment-phobe guy who has taken lessons from an ageing playboy. He meets a beautiful tour guide who is able to resist his charm and neglects all his advances. He finds a way to her heart when he finds out about her problems with her father.

True Believer

robert downey jr movies

This is an interesting rime-drama movie by Robert Downey Jr. His work again, is commendable. The very famous activist has gone sour after a point after realising honestly doesn’t always pay-off. He spends his time defending drug dealers and has stared caring just about money. Robert plays the role of a law graduate who wants to learn from this activist. Robert convinces his mentor to take up a case where a mother claims that her son has been wrongfully imprisoned for 8 years. The movie is a real treat to watch in terms of performances by the amazing star-cast.

The Singing Detective

robert downey jr movies

Robert Downey Jr. plays the role of a patient suffering from a skin disease and keep hallucinating different scenarios and plots on his hospital bed. Robert has fabulously depicted the mental state of a vulnerable patient and has proven his acting prowess again.

He is a writer and confuses himself with the protagonist of the first book he wrote.

Back to School

robert downey jr movies

A rich man wants to pursue his son to go to school and complete his education. The boy doesn’t want to go as he idolises his father who didn’t complete his education and is still rich. To make his son go to school, the father takes admission himself. The movie is a perfect blend of comedy, romance and sports. You can definitely give it a try on a lazy afternoon.



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