My remedy for a blue and lazy day is cosying up in my blanket with a tub of ice cream and watching a good rom-com. There is not any bad mood which a good rom-com cannot solve. There is something about these type of movies they leave you all emotional and in the end, you get up feeling happy. So here we decided to make a list of Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.

Many will agree that rom-coms have a different charm and have different magic to lift up your spirits.
They restore your faith in humanity and make you believe in love a little more.
Here we have made a list of all rom-coms that are worth your time and will surely put you in a better mood.
Have a look-

Best Rom-Coms Of All Time

Notting Hill-

notting hill


Our list starts with this gem. This movie never gets old and is almost n everyone’s list of best rom-coms to watch. The storyline is that a bookseller falls in love with the high-profile actress. Everything is good but there is just a little problem. She has a boyfriend. A perfect example of the things people do in love. Must watch if you like a fairytale romance.


Someone Great-

someone great

This is a recently released movie of 2019 and is a great watch for all the rom-com suckers. The story is about a girl who has this great relationship of 9 years with a guy but breaks up after getting a job in another city. The whole whirlwind of emotions is beautifully portrayed in this one. This tells that true love never really faints.


A Christmas Prince-

A Christmas Prince

If you like everything dreamy and elegant and royal then you are definitely going to love this one. The movie tells the story of a journalist whose job is to expose the real face of the prince who is to rule the small country but falls in love with him in the process. It has everything- Romance, Snowfall, Royal set-up.


When We First Met-

When We First Met

The tale is about a guy who revisits the day he met the girl of his dreams to make her fall in love with him. They have the same interests and hobbies. There is a little problem, she is getting married to someone else and he really needs to act on it so that she is with him. He revisits and there are different scenarios which are quite hilarious.

Wait for the ending it is the best part.


Movies to watch with your Boyfriend

Love Actually-

love actually


The idea behind every love story is different. There is a different take on these love stories. The movie revolves around eight couples who are dealing with their own problems. This movie shows us how much hard work relationships can be but it is worth holding on to.


Set it up

Set it up

Your dating life takes a toll when you have to work your ass off and spend your nights in the office. The movie shows the life of two people who are burdened with loads of work and are at the beck and call of their bosses. One day they decide to plant a seed of romance between their bosses. But when everything is going great things go haywire. A fun movie to watch and a good rom-com option.

The Perfect Date-

The Perfect Date


The movie has a beautiful star cast and a beautiful yet refreshing story. How a not-so-rich guy ends up making money so that he could go to the University that he has always dreamt of. He makes an app with his friend where he is a stand-in date and becomes whatever a girl wants. The quite interesting concept presented beautifully.

Down with love-

down with love


What happens when people fall in love while trying to win a challenge? Emotional mayhem! A journalist from a good magazine decides to seduce a lady. This lady lives by the fact that women don’t need men to remain happy. They just have to appreciate themselves. This movie is a beautiful and funny take on such a story.

Autumn Dreams-

Autumn Dreams

There is a thing which gets me hooked to the movies showcasing the tale of enduring love. When the couple was just 19 they got married, the father of the girl found out and got an annulment. It was that until she received the divorce papers and realizes that there was some paperwork glitch. All the old memories start to resurface and they think of the possibilities of what it could have been. It is a really nice movie with the right emotions.


Letters to Juliet-

Letters to Juliet


Letters to Juliet starring Amanda Seyfried is a beautiful movie which is set up in Italy. The aura of the place is just romantic and women come to a certain place with letters addressed to Juliet asking for some advice. Sophie finds a letter which is 50 years old and decides to answer it which makes an old woman go on a quest of finding her long lost love. The journey is beautiful, Sophie falls in love with the grandson of the old lady and the whole concept is just heartwarming.

Crazy stupid love-

crazy stupid love


The story revolves around middle-aged men who start picking up girls at the bars when his wife asks for a divorce. This new found a change in him is promoted by his friend who tells him and teaches him this new way of living. This movie is a perfect holiday watch.

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Before We Go-

Before We Go

A night of a girl with a complete stranger who is heartbroken and in need of love gets just exciting when she finally gets to know him. She is also struggling with her love life and they share some things and connect. Will she be ready to give up her love for a gy she just met? Find out by watching this movie.

The ugly truth-

the ugly truth


The truth is bitter as the saying goes. We all know that everyone wants to hear the truth even if it ain’t a pretty picture. The movie shows Mike who just shows the existing theories that actually apply and how you would piss a guy. Even the toughest hearts fall in love and this is perfectly depicted in this movie. Some scenes are sure to make you laugh hard. You have to watch it to believe it.

13 going on 30-

13 going on 30


How most of us want to grow up overnight because we get to do certain things after we grow up. This movie has a take on one such wish. Things go differently when a 13-year-old girl wants to be 30 and magically her wish comes true overnight. A fun movie to watch and laugh out loud.


He is just not that into you-

He is just not that into you

All girls are told that if a boy is being rude to you or throws attitude towards you it means he likes you or is insecure, this movie tells us why we must not accept such lies. If a guy wants to be with you then he will be with you. A fun and the Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.

No matter how boring or negative the title seem it is a romantic kind of movie and you would enjoy watching this one.

Made of Honor-

Made of Honor

Ever seen a guy playing the role of “the Maid of Honor”? Well sounds interesting, right? Things change for the guy when his best friend goes on a one month outdoor trip for work. He finally realizes that he is in love with her but it’s too late to tell as she is engaged to the boy of a royal family when she returns. He can’t tell her what he feels and is stuck when she asks him to become her maid of honour.

You’ve got mail-

you've got mail


Falling in love with your competitor can give you a hard time. The movie has a similar storyline when the owner of a bookstore chain falls in love with a lady owning a cute little bookshop online. What happens when they find out that they are the rivals in the market? Watch this movie to find out.

Isn’t it Romantic

isn't it romantic

There are people who don’t believe in romantic comedies. This movie is about one such girl. Who dismisses the notions of romance and wants to live in the real world. All is well until she wakes up in a fantasy land where everything is happy and colourful and she doesn’t like this romantic twist to her life. This one is worth watching and laughing. An atypical and best rom-coms of all time.

Take this waltz-

take this waltz


Being in love is certainly the most wonderful feeling in the world. But what happens when you fall in love with two people at the same time. This feeling turns into a nightmare, right? The leading lady in the movie gets into real trouble when finds it hard to the new another man in her life while living with her husband. She is really confused between the two. It is a must-watch for all the people who live for such rom-coms.

How to lose a guy in 10 days-

how to lose a guy in 10 days


The leading man in the movie is an advertising agent who is pushed by his colleagues to make women fall in love with him in 10 days. The actress has to write an article on ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’. Sounds interesting, right? The fun starts when both cross each other’s paths.

My best friend’s wedding-

my best friend's wedding


We all have a guy best friend and he is very important to us and we want all the happiness in the world for him. In this movie, trouble starts when the guy decides to get married and his best friend realizes that she is not happy with this turn of events. She decides to rip the couple apart and keep him for herself. A fun movie to watch with some really fun sequences.

Friends with Benefits-

Friends with Benefits

Jamie and Dylan are working together and become best friends after Dylan moves into the city. They are discussing sex one day, what they like and what they don’t and suddenly have an idea of being friends with benefits. They come close and things change. All this is shown in this movie in an amazing way. This is not a typical rom-com but has all elements best rom-coms of all time must-have.

Playing it cool-

playing it cool


There is something about rom-coms where the girl is already engaged to someone and a guy tries to woo her to take him. The movie is about a man who enters a friendly relationship with a woman who is already engaged to someone else.

The Holiday-

the holiday


How about a Christmas movie to watch on your Christmas holiday? Sounds perfect, right? The story shows two couples who are broken and find comfort in each other’s arms. How the past haunts her yet she manages to let everything go so that she can focus on herself. A really warm and heart touching movie that will definitely put you in a better mood.

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While you were sleeping-


while you were sleeping


Lucy saves the life of the fellow passenger and is mistaken to be his fiance by his family. The fun starts when she falls in love with his brother while he is in a coma. A sweet girl falls in love with a charming guy. How satisfying is that?

Safe Haven-

Safe Haven

This is an intense kind of romantic comedy. a girl runs from her home and settles down in another city only to fall in love with a widowed store owner. All is going well till her dark past comes knocking at her door and she has to choose what is good for the people living with her.

The proposal-

the proposal


A guy pursuing his dream does everything his boss says, even agrees to get artificially married to her when she was about to get deported to Canada. They go to his hometown on his grandmother’s wedding and that’s when they fall in love with each other. A fairytale romance with some really fun instance.

No Reservations-

no reservation


A chef who knows her food and doesn’t let anyone enter her life and kitchen learns a great deal after she starts living with her niece. She falls in love with a fellow chef and takes her time to understand what it is like to be in love.

The kissing booth-

the kissing booth


The story is based around two youngsters who are friends since they are born. They have too many rules and the problem with rules is that it is not well received when they are broken. Their friendship goes the other route when the girl falls in love with the brother of her best friend. That was one of the most important rules. I would definitely suggest you watch this one. The best rom-coms of all time with a modern twist.

La la land-

la la land


A budding romance takes place among two struggling newcomers who want to make name for themselves. The movie shows the effects of success on two people’s lives.
It got accolades from critics as well as the audience. A nice musical and one of the best rom-coms of all time.

The wedding planner-

the wedding planner


There is a spark between the lead couple at the start but there is no acting upon it till the male lead appears with his fiancé and the female lead is to plan their wedding.
A must watch if you are a rom-com lover.

Pretty Woman- 

Pretty Woman

Well, this is a classic and most of you have already watched this one. But, if you haven’t then you must. The trouble starts when a rich businessman hires Vivian, a prostitute to accompany him to some social events but ends up falling in love with her. But their worlds are different and it is very difficult to bridge the gap between them. a beautiful movie to watch with your partner. This is one of the timeless and best rom-coms of all time.

This means war-

this means war


The story revolves around two best friends who fall in love with the same woman. They decide to win her over using their own skills and antics. A really fun movie to watch on a lazy weekend. Brownie points on guessing who gets the girl.

One fine day-

one fine day


The movie is a beautiful take on how the lives of two people take a turn when they unexpectedly cross each other’s paths. This movie is a perfect example of how it can take just one fine day to fall in love and of course Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.


Sierra Burgess is a loser-

sierra burgess is a loser


High school is a tough time and even tougher if you are an overweight child. Sierra has no problem with her looks and believes in herself but still is afraid to tell the guy that she is not who he thinks she is and keeps on texting. Not a typical high school movie but yes a typical high school movie. Worth watching and one of the Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.

The duff-

the duff


Another movie about youngsters falling in love when they least expect it. The leads are neighbors who know each other for a very long time but are way too platonic. The guy is already dating the most popular girl in the school and the girl is the least popular in her batch. It is a light-hearted and feel-good movie which is worth your time.

500 days of summer-


Being in love with someone is great but it turns into a nightmare when one of you is not on the same page. The guy falls head over heels in love with the girl but she is looking for something casual. She doesn’t believe in relationships and stuff. A real heart touching movie and is one of the best when it comes to rom-coms.


The bounty hunter-


A rom-com packed with adventure is what this film is all about. The husband learns that his next target is his ex-wife. After they reunite there are some events which lead up to the couple running for their life. A fun-packed rom-com to put you in a better mood for sure.

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Two Weeks Notice-

Two Weeks Notice

Guess if you have to pretend to be in love with your boss just so she is not deported. The movie depicts this scenario where the lady boss forces her employee to play her love interest in front of the authorities and his family. But as days pass she realises that the feeling is real. How would she fix everything? Find out by watching this one. One of the Best Rom-Coms Of All Time.

Something borrowed-

something borrowed


What happens when your college crush is getting married to your best friend? It gets weird, doesn’t it? The same is the storyline of the movie. Would the girl tell the guy and confess her feelings or would she refrain from hurting her best friend? Watch the movie to find out.


Bridget Jones Diary-

Bridget Jones Diary

One of the many most famous and out there romantic comedies of all times. Bridget Jones is the name of the female protagonist who writes everything in her diary. All her wishes and what she thinks about things and people. She has two guys in her life and the fact that how simple things when twisted can be very misleading. This movie is the diary of many girls who don’t care if she is single and no big deal if there is a guy or not.


Picture perfect-


picture perfect


Kate is a simple ambitious girl who is trying to earn a name for herself in the advertising world. A rumour starts that she is engaged to someone and soon her boss starts insisting upon meeting her non-existing fiance. A fun movie to watch while sitting in the blanket eating your favourite ice cream.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved before-

To All The Boys I've Loved before


The movie is about a teenager who has a habit of writing letters to all her crushes and keeping them for herself. Things go gaga when those letters get mailed to the boys accidentally. This film is getting praises from viewers and critics both. This is one of the Best Rom-Coms Of All Time which will stay timeless in the coming years.


To All The Boys PS I Still Love You

rom coms of all time

This is the next part of “All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and we must say equally interesting. Peter and Lara Jean are a couple and having fun at it. The 1 letter is now delivered to John Ambrose and the things change their course. You must watch this one and have a good time.

The Last Song-

The Last Song

This movie is just not a rom-com but shows some family bonding too. Ronnie is pissed with her dad who is divorced from her mother and she blames him for tearing things apart. But with time she understands him more and more. Finds a perfect guy to fall in love with. A little brother who is adorable. This one will make you laugh & cry at the same time.


Before Sunrise-

rom coms of all time

This is a really great movie when two young souls meet on a train and indulge in some conversation about life, about love and all other things. An American guy meets a french girl and fall in love though they make it a deal to not meet again or have any expectations but want to meet again and promise to meet each other while departing. You can learn about their meeting or no-meeting in the next part of this trilogy- Before Sunset, Before Midnight.


Sleepless in Seattle-

rom coms of all time

This is one of the most famous rom-com of all time. A man whose wife has died feels alone all the time but his son decided to help him by calling a radio show and telling about his dad. He is flooded with letters from girls all over the world. He catches the fascination of a lady who he sees t the airport and only to meet at the end. You must watch this if you haven’t already.


Love Happens

rom coms of all time

A movie starring Jenifer Aniston makes it as one more excuse to watch. It is a heart-touching movie with some comedy involved. She falls in love with a widower who helps people going through a painful journey of losing their loved ones through his books. The IMDb rating is not that great but you could definitely give it a go.


Runaway Bride

rom coms to watch

This is a classic by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Julia runs out on every wedding she has and Richard gets wind of it so he publishes it in the newspaper and gets accused of false reports by her. He reaches her hometown to prove his story right and that’s when the real fun starts. Do not miss out on this one.


The Princess Switch

rom coms of all time

The perfect rom-com if you believe in fairytales. A normal girl who is participating in baking competition bumps into a princess who is her look alike. They both exchange positions for 2 days and fall in love. The fun starts when the situation starts getting a bit complicated. This is a feel-good movie.


So this was a list of some of my favourite movies which I enjoy from time to time on a weekend or a holiday. These were the best rom-coms of all time that you must watch. Do tell us yours in the comment section below.





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