When it comes to watching amazing TV shows that are worth your time then Netflix is just right for you. If you are in the mood for a long-term commitment and want to follow a TV series then we got you covered. Netflix offers a wide range of choices in different genres to choose from according to your taste.

There are plenty of options to choose from and you will be hooked and won’t be worried about getting bored to death on your weekend.

We have picked shows from every genre so you can add it to your list according to your choice. Have a look-



1. Mindhunter

This show is a masterpiece and is based on true events. The show revolves around the psychology of a serial killer and focuses on it rather than showing violence. There are many stories based on such events like serial killing and thrillers, but this show explores each event in a different light. In the show, two main characters Holden Ford and Bill Tench interview imprisoned serial killers and understand how they think and carry out the murders to help the FBI to catch similar types of killers in future.

The show keeps you glued and asking for more and you would love watching this.



mind hunter


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2. Narcos

The show focuses on the illegal drug trade in Columbia and Mexico. The series is set to be released on November 16th, 2018. The show depicts the scenario of the lives of the paddlers during the 1980’s and the steps taken by law enforcement to stop the network from growing. How they targeted Pablo Escobar, the notorious and powerful figure in the cocaine business. The series is a must watch and you won’t regret it a bit. With 9.1 IMDb rating, this show is surely on our list.





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3. Breaking Bad

The most realistic show ever made and is sure to keep you hooked. The storyline revolves around the life of a genius professor Walter White who has lived his life by his own rules and like a disciplined citizen abiding by the rules. The situation goes haywire when he discovers that he has cancer and gets worried about his children. He decides to save up for his children and goes on making Meth(drugs) along with one of his ex-students and partner Jesse Pinkman. This business makes him do things which he didn’t imagine in his dreams. He is busted when his brother-in-law who is a D.E.A finds out about him and you are glued to the screen.

Plus the ending is also very nice and you will enjoy every bit of it.


breaking bad


image source- IMDb

4. Rick and Morty

This is an animated show on Netflix but is on a different level of amazement. The story revolves around an old scientist who after being lost for almost 20 years comes to his daughter’s house to live with them. As his daughter is more than happy to see her father after a long time, her husband is not fond of him and thinks that his father-in-law is spoiling his children. The old scientist runs multiple experiments in his garage and uses his grandkid(Morty) for his science experiments and adventures.

Definitely, a must watch as the show has a rating of 9.3 on IMDb, more than many other shows.

rick and morty


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5. Stranger Things

This is a fiction-thriller web series by Netflix set up in the 1980’s. The show features Winona Ryder as Joyce whose 12-year-old son goes missing under mysterious circumstances. She does everything possible to get her son back though everybody thinks that she is crazy. With the help of Sheriff and a differently wired powerful girl Eleven, she finds her son. The show is based on the concept of the parallel world and involves a government agency conducting secret experiments and doing everything to cover up their mess.

This is a perfect show to watch if you love fantasy based thrillers with some unusual characters and elements.


stranger things


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6. Sherlock

This is a crime based drama based in the present day scenario. The show is widely recommended and has many twists and turns. The icing on the cake is the acting prowess of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It is a fresh show with Sherlock having a knack for observing everything in his sight and even beyond it. It is incredible how his mind works in the series. A must-watch on our list. A sort of frenzy starts and you keep wondering what is going to happen next.




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7. 13 Reasons Why

The story is based on young high schools students and the daily struggles faced by them like bullying and betrayal. The story starts when a young student Hannah Baker takes her own life and leaves 13 tapes stating the reasons behind this huge step. Whoever gets that tape has some role to play behind her suicide. This is a really different concept and is being liked by the audience and getting good reviews as well.


13 reasons why


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8. Big Mouth

An animated series which deals with the children hitting puberty by introducing them to hormone monsters. The series is quite funny and has a different take on the subject. How young boys and girls deal with the changes and what are the things going on in their brain and the budding romance and the curiosity to explore every aspect of being a teenager is sure to make you laugh.

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don’t think of it as an animated kids series, it is suited for adults only.



big mouth


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9. The Crown

One of the most lavish and expensive Tv series. The story is about Queen Elizabeth II who takes the throne after the death of her father and the British Empire is on a decline. The story has everything a viewer can ask for. It has a political rivalry, romance and personal intrigues. The series shows the public as well as personal life of the queen and how her every decision affects her as well as the people.

This lavish show is a must watch if you like royal stories with behind the realism of the scene.


the crown


image source- IMDb

10. Hap and Leonard

Hap and Leonard are two private investigators working for Hap’s girlfriend. both of them are best friends and have very different personalities and likings. they both set out for adventures but end up stuck in different unwanted situations. The show is all about how they solve such cases supporting each other. While Hap believes in non-violence; Leonard doesn’t mind firing few bullets here and thee whenever needed.


hap andleonard


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11. The Vampire Diaries

Almost all of us have given a thought about the existence of vampires. When a show comes on television based on the above-mentioned concept it is sure to make some statements. The Vampire Diaries is a story based on a normal girl of a small town who falls in love with a vampire. Sounds familiar right? There is more to it, The girl has a vampire doppelgänger who wants to escape some long-lasting curse by sacrificing her.

The series is quite interesting and has many villains who leave no stone unturned to surpass each other and your eyes are left wide open in many instances. A must-watch if you like vampire based thrillers.



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12. Anne with an E

The series is based on the novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’. the story is about a 13-year-old girl Anne, who has lived in an orphanage and tolerated abuse from her childhood. She has a different way of seeing life and inspires of all the things she has seen she is positive and free-spirited, smart and imaginative. The story takes turn when she goes on to live with Marilla and Matthew and changes their lives for good.

Anne is a relatable and a lovable character and you would definitely fall in love with her.



image source- Netflix

13. Powder

The show gained positive reviews due to its storyline and take on the events and fabulous acting by the leads. The show is about the narcotics chain in Mumbai, India. The two leading characters grew up in the slums of Mumbai but chose different paths. Usmaan Malik is the head of Narcotics Control Bureau and Naved Ansari is the drug kingpin of Mumbai. The situation puts them in front of each other. While Usmaan tries bringing the deeds of Naved in light, he faces a hard time doing that as on the papers there is no civil record of Naved.

The turn of events is quite interesting leaving you hooked to your screens.




image source- Netflix

14. Weeds

We have all seen shows where a male lead goes through all the troubles in drug dealing business. This show does something different. Nancy Botwin deals in this area after the death of her husband for the sake of money. Obviously, the business has its own set of problems which she faces and deals with. Every event and situation is depicted amazingly and the show gives you some good moments too. A safe bet for your weekend binge-watching.



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15. Jane the Virgin

This is a light-hearted romantic comedy TV series. Jane is a virgin as she lives with her strict grandmother and does not get to experience things which normal teenagers do. The nightmare starts when she gets artificially inseminated by mistake. She is in shock after finding out that the donor is her crush and boss. The show deals with the life of Jane after she gives birth to the child and how she handles situations.  There are many funny moments in the show.



image source- IMDb

16. Altered Carbon

The show is more than 300 years into the future where death is temporary. Takeshi Kovacs is a soldier in a group of elite interstellar warriors. He has a chance to come back to life after a wealthy businessman offers to free his enslaved mind and in return, he has to fulfil a wish of the businessman, Laurens Bancroft.

The show has everything- Love, Betrayal, sex, murder and mystery. Add it to your list and get ready to have some future insights.


altered carbon

image source- IMDb

17. Sacred Games

The epitome of drama, thrill and suspense and will leave you asking for more. With a rating of 9 on IMDb, the show is sure to amaze you. The police officer Satraj Singh is on a chase around Mumbai for Ganesh Gaitonde. The criminal is a mastermind and just refuses to get caught. Satraj Singh begins his own investigation after he is being removed from the case as he wants to save his city from the downfall.

As the story unfolds Sartaj comes across some other crimes committed by Gaitonde and his intentions to catch Ganesh acquire new heights.

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sacred games

image source- IMDb

18. Rectify

A series filled with drama and surprise elements is based on the story of Daniel Holden who was imprisoned as a teenager for alleged rape and murder of his girlfriend. His original trial judgement is vacated after there is some contradiction after the analysis of DNA evidence. The show shows the turn of events taking place in his life in a different light and will keep you hooked. It shows how Daniel puts his life back together after coming out of the prison awaiting death row.



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19. Broadchurch

It is a television crime drama which focuses on the death of an 11-year-old boy. It shows how these topics are sensitive which get scandalised and impact the lives of people in different ways. The series shows the interruption of media which destroys the peace of that small town. The show has suspense, thrill, drama and emotions packed together and is definitely a must-watch from Netflix.



image source-IMDb

20. House of Cards

If all things and events related to politics interest you then this is the show for you. Frank Underwood, who is appointed as the Secretary of State along with his wife sets out to seek revenge from people who betrayed him in any way. This involves many people already in power. The show has planning and plotting and is definitely the one to leave you awestruck atman places. Destruction is sure to take place when two masterminds work towards one goal.

No wonder it has an IMDb rating of 9.


house of cards

image source- IMDb

21. The Punisher

A drama television series which is based on New York City. Frank Castle becomes aware of the reality after he takes the revenge of the death of his wife and children. He realises that the network of crime is more deep-rooted and affects the whole world not only his family. This is an amazing show and you will enjoy every second of this. This show is definitely worth your time.


the punisher

image source- IMDb

22. Brooklyn-99

A light-hearted TV show that has many fun elements and is fun to watch. Jack Peralta is a detective who solves different cases with his team. The fun element starts when there is a struggle between him and a new commanding officer Ray Holt. The show is quirky and witty and agrees well with the audience who just want to binge-watch some light-hearted comedy with some substance.


Brooklyn 99

image source- Wikipedia

23. Pretty Little Liars

If you like shows which revolve around teenage life then you would definitely enjoy this one. The storyline is based on four teenage girls who reunite after a year when they receive a message from an unknown person after he threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. They have some secrets related to the death of their fifth friend. But there is someone who is familiar with their deeds and is now blackmailing them.


pretty little liars

image source- amazon

24. The Hollow

This is the animated science fantasy series on Netflix. Three teens wake up in a mysterious world filled with magic and stuff. They must work together and find a way out of this mess to return to their normal life. This may sound like a child show but trust us it has so much more to it and soon you will end up relating with the three main characters and won’t be able to get away from your screen. a must watch animated adventure series on Netflix.


the hollow

image source- IMDb

25. Daredevil

This is the series which shows the Marvel universe in detail. The story revolves around Matt Murdock who is blind from his childhood days due to an accident. He works as an Attorney in the day and fights crime at night. He uses his heightened senses to fight crime in the New York City. The concept is definitely new and fresh and the show is widely appreciated.



image source- Pinterest

26. Peaky Blinders

This is an English crime drama TV series set up in the 1920’s. The story is a cat and dog chase between the Inspector Chester Campbell and Tommy Shelby who is the leader of a criminal gang. Chester wants to hunt him down and put an end to his evil activities forever. This is a crime show which has a vintage royal feel to it and you will definitely enjoy every bit of it. The series shows exactly how Birmingham was at that time when these kinds of happenings were taking place there after World War 1.


peaky blinders

image source- amazon

27. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is an adult animated comedy series. The main character of the show is a humanised horse who after being busy in boozing and laying around decides to make a comeback in the normal world. He had worked with a very popular TV show in the past after it shut down suddenly. He decided to work again to gain his lost dignity and fame.

This animated series is for adults as it has endless references to sex, drugs and all things adult.


Bojack Horseman

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28. Master of None

This is a comedy series by Netflix based on the life of Aziz Ansari. It shows the struggles of the lead character Dev of becoming an actor. The show has glimpses of his early years and current life happenings. The struggles in his personal and professional life are depicted beautifully in the series. You would have a good time watching this one.

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master of none

image source- amazon

29. Bloodline

This is a suspense thriller series and will surely keep you asking for more. If family politics is what agrees with you then consider giving this one a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed. The demons and manipulation behind those innocent looking faces make up for many turning points in the show.

How the relationships are affected and how the most honourable and good person of the family turns out to be a rotten egg will surely compel you to think otherwise.

It is a full package and is the perfect dose for binge-watching if what excites you is suspense series.



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30. Luke Cage

The show revolves around the evolution of Luke Cage who has some unbelievable powers and is super strong due to an experiment gone wrong. Luke wants to restart his life afresh after his failed relationship with his superhero Jessica Jones.

This is an action-packed drama series on Netflix and keeps its audience happy and hooked.


Luke cage

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31. Black Mirror

This is a science fantasy show which deals with modern technology and its implications on society. What are the consequences of technological advancement? The series shows the dark and untouched side of the science and the inventions. This is an award-winning show which has received positive reviews and has a huge fan following.


One of the most widely watched shows and deals with the problems of new world order.


black mirror

image source- IMDb

32. Easy

This is an American comedy series. It has a modern take on today’s relationships. How the couples come up with new ideas to spice up their sex life. This is a new take on relationships and many couples are shown who deal with different issues. The show has everything a viewer could ask for- love, drama, comedy, sex, culture and technology.

A good show to watch if you are not in the mood to watch some serious television.



image source- Netflix

33. Jessica Jones

We have all seen many superhero series and movies but this one is different. This shows a darker Marvel character, Jessica Jones. When her superhero days are over she tries to lead a good life in New York city by opening up her own detective agency. She solves cases including suspects and victims with some special powers. The amazing acting skills of the actors along with a good storyline make this show even more interesting and good.


Jessica Jones

image source- IMDb

34. Glow

The perfect dose of drama and many WOW moments. The show is based on the life of RuthWilder who goes on to become a wrestler after having her fair share of experiences in the entertainment industry. The title of the show is Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling so you can see how the show is all about girl power and shows them in different roles.

Must-watch on our list and we suggest that you should add it too.



image source- google images

35. F is for Family

Again an animated comedy series to cheer you up and leaves behind many other shows in the terms of rating. The show is about the life of Frank Murphy who lives with his wife and three children. The show has many puns and will make you laugh. Frank is short-tempered making up for many funny incidents to root for while watching the show.

Also, the show is based in the 1970’s, so you will see everything from that period of time which is kind of a fun change and a fresh vibe.


f is for family


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                       "Some bonus shows available on Netflix"




1. Arrow

It is a superhero television series featuring Oliver Quinn who was trapped on a deserted island. There his survival instincts make him live and he masters the art of archery. He then returns to the city and gets busy in a cause that is, fighting crime and corruption. the series has received positive feedback from the critics as well as the audience. Worth giving a try if you love some action and superhero kind of drama.



image source- Pinterest

2. Dexter

Dexter Morgan is a man of mystery and has a dual personality. During the daytime, he is a well mannered forensic technician who works for the police department and at night sets out on the hunt to wipe out murderers. He is shown as a serial killer who is honourable and only targets the evil beings.

This is a widely watched show and is on our list of best TV shows.



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3. The Flash

A superhero television show to fulfil all your need for speed wishes. Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who is stuck in a lightning accident. He wakes up after nine months to realise that he has been endowed with a superpower with which he can achieve great speed.

With gr,eat power he tackles his enemies who are as good as him. The show has a huge fan following and is on our list and is definitely a must watch on our list of favourite Netflix series.


the flash

image source- Reddit



so these were some of the great shows recommended by us. If you have more to share with your fellow readers then do mention those in the comment section below.


  1. Hey Bhawna,
    I have not seen 6 of the series you have mentioned. My last one was Powder which had a good plot and story. Sherlock I had already seen but not on Netflix and it is one of my favorites. Narcos and Breaking Bad too. I would be watching House of Cards next.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Hey Vineet
      My favorite is also Breaking Bad plus I love Rick and Morty too.
      I would recommend that you watch that too. Thanx for stopping by 🙂



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