With the hectic schedule and late working hours, our health is taking a toll. Most of us have New Year’s resolutions dedicated to fitness and we all know how that goes. We either run out of motivation or time. Having bright and colorful gym gear can help you and motivate you to hit the gym to a great extent. Don’t believe us then try owning these pieces and see for yourself. We have made a list of sportswear (running, swimming, yoga, etc) by top brands under INR 1500.

Yoga Pants by Reebok

Call them leggings or yoga pants. These are super comfortable and would feel like your skin. It has an elastic waistband which provides you utmost comfort while performing the aasans and is made of cotton and polyester. Plus the color is soothing and has a perfect summer vibe to it.

sportswear for women


Price: INR 900

Buy it here


Swimsuit by Reebok

Make swimming more fun by owning this bright orange swimsuit from Reebok. Playing in water would prove to be more lively when you wear this one.

swimsuit from reebok

Price: INR 700-1000(according to size)

Buy it here


Sports Skirt by Adidas

How cute is this skirt from Adidas? We are totally crushing on it right now. for the days when you want to play Tennis or just try your hand at squash, this is your best pick.

Adidas sports skirt

Price: INR 1400-1500

Buy it here


Tights from Puma

This color is so uniques, refreshing and can be paired with anything. The fabric allows your skin to breathe while shredding those calories. Plus it is also affordable and durable.

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track pants for women

Price: INR 799

Buy it here


Tee by Puma

This rust colored tee with golden PUMA written over it is very precious at this price. It has a very soft fabric plus the fitting is also good and the cloth hugs you at the right places. Grab this one, it is a steal.

tee shirt for women

Price: INR 519

Buy it here


Tank Top by Reebok

This black tank top is a safe choice and will go well when paired with printed capris or even black track pants for that matter. Plus it is not costly at all and will fit in your budget.

tank tops for women

Price: INR 550-750

Buy it here


Sports Hoodie by Nike

For all the days when you are feeling blue or use cold as the reason to not go out for running this bright red sports hoodie by Nike is the answer to all your excuses.

sports hoodie for women

Price: INR 1500

Buy it here


Sports Bra by Reebok

Don’t you just love how the colors pop out in this bra and make it look so “jump to your workout already ready”?

I personally loved this one at this price. We all know the importance of a sports bra during a workout why not buy one which makes you want to workout?

sports bra for women

Price: INR1000

Buy it here


Casual Tee by Reebok

This is a bit different from the rest of the products as this is not that bright but is rather on a mellow side. For days when you just want to tie your hair up and do your WOD this is going to be your perfect partner. Plus the color, I just love it.

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tee shirt for women

Price: INR 750

Buy it here


Adidas Swim cap

For those who like to swim and I believe there are many. Plus, summers are best to include swimming in your workout as it helps beat the heat and burn calories. But this simple signature Adidas swimming cap here.

Adidas swim cap

Price: INR 600

Buy it here


Reebok Women’s socks

These bright colored socks are an essential part of the workout. The color is a highlight . in addition to this, these are ankle length and are not visible that much so win-win.

socks for women

Price: INR 499

Buy it here


Duffle Bag by Pole Star

Duffle bag becomes a must after you start working out. You can keep your protein, sipper, handtowel and other necessary belongings in it. Carry yours in style by grabbing this one for yourself

duffle bag for women

Price: INR 499

Buy it here


Gloves by Puma

Who says your hands need to suffer while working out. Lifting weights and hanging on the bar is effective for your core but not your hands. Skip the pain by wearing these stylish gloves while working out.

workout gloves

Price: INR 749

Buy it here





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