This pandemic got us all thinking about the future and all the possibilities around the world. How a small virus can cause such havoc. At some point, you might have felt like being in one of the survival movies where you have to be at your strongest in order to make it through these tough times. While you are stuck at home for the weekends and there is nothing much to do other than browsing through Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hotstar, we made a list of the best survival movies that you can stream this weekend and feel good about your life right now.

We also have a list of amazing shows which you can watch on Netflix  and a list of shows/movies that you can watch on Prime Video


Top Survival Movies List


127 Hours

IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                                                             Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

A man gets trapped in a canyon while he is hiking in Utah. He struggles for good 127 hours before he is rescued. The struggle for survival is shown in this one of the best survival movies. It is based on a true story of Aron Ralston.


All Is Lost

IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                                                                                           Stream on- Youtube

This is one of the most talked-about and best wilderness survival movies. This is the story of a man who is stranded in the ocean after his yacht collides with a shipping container. He is travelling solo and goes through extremities to survive. His supply is also depleting and he must do something before he dies in the vast ocean and nobody finds his trace.



IMDb Rating- 7.7                                                                                                                                           Stream on- Youtube

One of the most amazing survival movies starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney who play the role of an engineer and astronaut respectively. They are on a mission when things go south, they are hit by debris which leaves Bullock as the survivor. She has to do everything possible in order to make it to safety. This movie is really intriguing and you will definitely enjoy it if you like adventures set up in the space.


Life Of Pi

IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                                                              Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

An amazing survival movie with the message of perseverance and friendship. The movie is based on the novel written by Yann Martel with the same name. Pi Patel is trapped on a lifeboat along with a Tiger and a hyena. The chances of his survival are halved by the presence of these wild creatures.


The Revenant

IMDb Rating- 8                                                                                                                                              Stream on- Youtube

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who is attacked by a wild bear and is severely injured. Post attack his friends abandon him and leave him to die. He uses his will to survive and is determined to take revenge. He takes revenge from the companion who broke his trust. This is one of the best survival movies and you should definitely watch this one as soon as you can.



The Martian

IMDb Rating- 8                                                                                                                                              Stream on- Youtube

An astronaut is left stranded on Mars after the rest of his team leaves the planet. He is presumed dead after a turbulent storm. He tries to survive with the limited supplies on the inhabitable planet while scientists work towards rescuing him. His friends plan to rescue him on their own. The movie is one of the best survival movies that you must watch.

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IMDb Rating- 6.6                                                                                                                                              Stream on- Youtube

The movie is around two people who get stuck after their boat is destroyed in a catastrophic hurricane. The guy is badly injured and the girl decides to take the matter in her own hands to save them both and use her instincts to escape the danger they are in. This is one of the top survival movies.



IMDb Rating- 7.6                                                                                                                                     Stream on- Prime Video

If you like movies involving zombies and want something refreshing to watch then this survival movie will be the right pick for you. The movie shows the catastrophic environment but gives a fun spin to this apocalyptic situation with some splashes of humour here and there. 4 people stick together to survive the pandemic where they don’t really trust each other.


The Shallows

IMDb Rating- 6.3                                                                                                                                            Stream on- Youtube

Jenny, played by Blake Lively goes to a secluded island. She wants some time alone after the death of her mother. She loves surfing but is attacked by a white shark one day and is trapped on a small rock which is just 200 yards from the shore. This is one of the top survival movies if you love enjoying watching underwater movies.


The Day After Tomorrow

IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                                                                                            Stream on- Youtube

This movie is about the love of a father for his sone who takes a risky journey to New York City to save his son. The situation is pretty intense after a rigorous storm takes on the world and a new environment of an ice age comes into the picture. This is a decent survival movie which you can watch over the weekend.



The Wave

IMDb Rating- 6.7                                                                                                                                            Stream on- Youtube

The lives of a geologist and his family are in danger when a tidal wave surrounds them. They live in Norway, a scenic space on the mountain pass. They are tested to survive through this tough situation. This is a good pick from the survival movies list which you can definitely stream.


Apollo 13

IMDb Rating- 6.7                                                                                                             Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

There is something very intriguing and engaging about the movies related to space exploration. This is also one such movie which will keep you at the edge. Three astronauts are trapped when their spacecraft gets damaged and do every possible thing to survive until people in NASA figure out a way to bring them back safely to Earth.


The Impossible

IMDb Rating- 7.6                                                                                                                                    Stream on- Prime Video

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The perfect fun-filled vacation turns into a nightmare for a family when Tsunami strikes the shores of Thailand. The impact of it separates them and they are looking for ways to survive the pandemic and find each other. This is a very good movie from the survival movies list.



IMDb Rating- 7.2                                                                                                                                                Stream on- Netflix

This is an amazing movie on survival. An Olympic track holder survives a plane crash in the Second World War. But this does not ensure his safety. he finds himself surviving on his instincts only and is later held as the Prisoner of war. The movie has mesmerising performances by its star cast.


Against The Sun

IMDb Rating- 6.5                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

Another movie set up in the time of the Second World War. A torpedo bomber crashes and leaves three U.S Navy Airmen stranded on a lifeboat. The movie shows the perfect tale of survival, restlessness and helplessness.


The 33

IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

The title tells the story of 33 workers who are trapped under the gold mine. It is based on the true story where these men are trapped and are trying to survive and wait for the outside help to pull them out of the mine. This is one of the best survival movies.


Open Water

IMDb Rating- 5.7                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

If you are a sucker for survival movies involving sharks then this is the perfect pick for you. The movie is about a couple who are left by the tour boat operator after some misunderstanding. They try to survive in the open waters where sharks are the predators.



In The Heart Of The Sea

IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                                                                            Stream on- Youtube, Netflix

Another one from survival movies list which involves the ocean and angry whale. A group of men find it hard to survive when they have an encounter with an angry whale ruling that sea.


The Mountain Between Us

IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

It is very difficult to survive in snow and especially in mountains. This challenge is depicted in this movie when two people are stranded in the mountains after their plane crashes. They survive in the snow-clad mountains. Reminder for you that mountains in snow are really filled with uncalled for situations.



IMDb Rating- 6.2                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

The movie is the tale of survival of a father-daughter duo after they get stuck in a hurricane. Later they realise that the floodwater is not the main concern there is something more dangerous lurking around them. This is a great survival movie to watch on a lazy afternoon.



No Escape

IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                                             Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video, Netflix

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This is one of the best survival movies. A family man makes every possible effort to protect his family after moving to southeast Asia. The country where he moves is in an unstable situation. People are pretty aggressive towards foreign companies.



A Quiet Place

IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

A family suddenly starts to communicate in sign language. No, not as a game it is to save their lives from the blind and noise-sensitive creatures. Many people have been killed by them and they are doing everything possible to survive.



Lone Survivor

IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

Four Navy SEALs become a target for the enemy attacks after they infiltrate Afghanistan. They want to locate Ahmad Shah, a local Taliban leader but come on the radar and now forced to run and hide from the enemies.


Train To Busan

IMDb Rating- 7.6                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

Another Zombie apocalypse movie where people are running to save their lives. Nobody cares about the others, they are just running from the brainless zombies for their lives. This is a great survival movie which shows selfishness, sacrifice and emotions beautifully.



Deepwater Horizon

IMDb Rating- 7.1                                                                                                               Stream on- Youtube, Prime Video

Several crew members are trying to survive a sudden outbreak caused by an exploded drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Mike Williams is the chief electronic technician which bands everyone together and use the skills collectively to survive and get out alive of there.


The Finest Hours

IMDb Rating- 6.8                                                                                                         Stream on- Youtube, Disney Hotstar

A tough situation comes in the way of four coast guards. They have to rescue the people trapped in a split oil-tanker. The problem arises are there is a turbulent storm in the ocean water. The movie is one of the top survival movies which you must not miss out on.


War Of The Worlds

IMDb Rating- 6.5                                                                                                         Stream on- Youtube, Disney Hotstar

This Tom Cruise starrer survival movie is a great watch. He is in a very difficult situation when some out of the world creatures attack Earth killing many people. He is separated from his wife and has to take care of both the children himself. The movie is a perfect blend of thrill and adventure. You will definitely enjoy watching this one.


The Book Of Eli

IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                                                                Stream on- Netflix, Prime Video

There is a book which has the secrets to save mankind. Eli travels the world and is trying his best to keep the book safe. This is one of the best survival movies which is surely a good pick to keep you entertained. Eli fights many unknown dangers just to keep the book safe.


So, this was our list of all the best survival movies. Do let us know which one are you going to watch next in the comment section below.


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