We live in a world where there are diverse and different cultures. Different countries follow different traditions and customs. Some customs are followed till date and some are left behind as the time passed by. Some traditions are really sweet and have historical significance and some are plain bizarre. We have the list of Bizarre traditions around the world

We know about the cultures of our countries very well but there are so many unknown aspects of other countries which you would surely love to know about.
Here we have compiled a list of some unique and weird customs of some countries. This is not for criticism just some things which we found unusual

Bizarre Traditions Around The World


1. CHINA- Lotus Feet



It all started in 960 during sung dynasty and lasted till the 20th century. The upper-class women bound their feet from growing and it was considered as a status symbol in China. The ideal length of the feet is considered to be 4 inches(10 cm). Some old women with lotus feet are still surviving. Some believed that it was done to increase sexual pleasure as it tightened the pelvic muscles of the females.
I must say it must be a very painful thing to do as it is hard to look at.


2. MYANMAR- Brass coils


Many women in Myanmar of Kayan tribe wear brass rings around their neck from a very young age. It is said that it presses the collarbone down and gives their body a leaner look. Some also believe that it gives resemblance to a dragon, which is considered to be lucky in Myanmar.
Now many women are discontinuing this practice as they are moving to other places for education etc.

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3. ETHIOPIA- Lip Plate


It is followed by women of Ethiopia and is considered a symbol of economic prosperity. Just before 6-8 months of her marriage, a girl gets her lower lip pierced by her mother and once the wound is healed within 2-3 weeks it is inserted with a wooden plate first. Then a customized plate made by the women herself is inserted in the lower lip
It is up to the girl whether she wants to wear a lip plate or not.


4. MADAGASCAR- Dancing with the dead


It is a tradition followed by Malagasy people of Madagascar. They take out the bodies of their ancestors from the crypt wrap it in a fresh cloth and dance around the tomb with the dead bodies. It is believed that the spirits of the dead join the ancestors after the complete decomposition. It is practiced once every seven years.


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5. INDIA- Throwing the baby in the air

It is followed in Karnataka. The babies are thrown from a 50 feet high temple and are caught by the families on a piece of cloth. It is believed that doing this brings good luck to the babies. Dangerous we must say.


6. BRAZIL- Follow Endocannibalism

This practice is followed by the Yanomami tribe living in the Amazon Rainforests. They think that death is not a natural process and a person dies when the rival tribe sends an evil spirit to kill him. They think that burial is a long process as the body takes time to decompose.
So the tribe members consume the ashes of the dead to keep his spirit alive.

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7. SPAIN- Alive in Coffin

Bizarre Traditions Around The World

In this survivors of near-death experience are carried around the streets in an open coffin. This is done as a token of gratitude to the Virgin Mary for protecting their family members. Later they celebrate with fireworks, good music, and good food.


8. EGYPT- Burying a Weasel

Bizarre Traditions Around The WorldSource

It is believed in Egypt that burying a weasel at your mail entrance doorstep brings prosperity and good luck. They say that it will help them gain a lot of money and a better life.


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9. INDONESIA- Finger cutting

Bizarre Traditions Around The World Source

This tradition is followed by Dani tribe of Indonesia. This tradition is carried out as a symbol of the loss of a loved one. A finger is cut as it is considered as a symbol of unity and harmony. This is done by women only. So painful we must say.

Not only women, men also pierce their ear with a bamboo stick if a brother dies.


10. MEXICO- Day of the dead

This holiday is recognized by UNESCO. Don’t confuse it with the name, this is a colorful day marked to honor the dead. The people of all age dress up and paint their faces in skeletons and offer food and other things to the dead. They believe that dead come to Earth on this day. The offerings are kept at the altar, which is built to welcome the spirits.
The concept for movie coco is based on this festival only. It was the 15th highest grossing animated movie

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11. CZECH REPUBLIC- Butt spanking (Velikonoční Pondělí)

On the day of the Easter, all the males gather in groups and visit the females with a whip made from the branch of the willow tree. They do not hit hard so that it doesn’t hurt. The willow tree is the first tree of spring and is said to bring fertility to the females. The whips are decorated and are 50cms-2 meters long.


Philippines is known for its rich history and culture. Kutkot ritual is practiced mainly by Hununuo tribe in which they take out the skeleton, clean it up and dress it up in traditional clothes and offer food to it.
It is housed for another year before being taken to the cave.


These are some practices that we found unusual. If you know  more then share with us in the comment section below.




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