We all grew up watching Bollywood movies. They are a mixture of passion, emotions, thrill, action and whatnot. A perfect dose of entertainment. Sometimes we end up thinking about the Bollywood Movie dialogues said by our favourite actors. We have compiled a list of such dialogues which we can relate to. Have a look-


Iconic Bollywood Movie dialogues



1. Main Apni favorite hoon [I am my favorite]
Kareena Kapoor (jab we met)

When everyone else seems to be busy and engrossed in their lives live by this mantra.
As they say-” There is no love like self-love”.

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2. Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar di Fir to Mein Apne Aap Ki Bhi Nahi sunta

This will take you a very long way in your life. People will value your opinion and you will be satisfied with yourself.


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3. Jab hum khud ko Samajh lete hain fir log hamare baare mein kya sochte hain usse farak nahi padta Shahrukh khan (love you zindagi)


Understanding what you want and doing everything possible to achieve it gives you a new high. After a point you don’t even care what society thinks about you, you listen to your heart because you are the one who has live with the choices you make.


4. Kitna bhi try kar lo kuch na kuch to chootega hi to kyu na jaha p hain vahi ka maza le.

Ranbeer Kapoor ( Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani )

The day we implement this thing we will start enjoying our present. There are things beyond our control so stop worrying about future, forget about past and live your present.


5. Khul ke ro nahi sakoge to khul ke hass kese paoge

Shahrukh Khan ( Love You Zindagi )

So true! We are told that tears are for the weak. Maybe that’s not true. Tears are a way of expressing your emotions. You cannot truly be happy until the time you learn to feel and express your other emotions too.
Let the fear of getting judged vanish and live your life the way you want to.

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6. Seize the day my friend. Pehle is din ko poori teraha jiyo phir 40 ke baad ki sochna

Katrina Kaif (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

We all are worried about our future. There is a system set by society that studies and find a job, then get married and have kids. In the process of doing all these things, we forget to live. Instead of focussing on our happiness we focus on materialistic things. But how do you know that how long are you going to live? I say “live every day”.


7. Life me sabse bada risk hota hai kabhi na risk lena

Barfi [ Biggest risk is not taking risk ]

Follow your heart and you will never regret it. There are many things that we want to do but the fear of failure stops us from doing it. But the biggest failure is not pursuing your dream. The more the risk the more there is to gain.

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8.I am just a stupid common man waiting to clean his house.

[ A Wednesday]


9. Babu Moshai Zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi.

[Anand] [ Life must be big, not long]

Movie dialogues


Imagine your life and thinking about the things that you didn’t do. Regret makes you hate everything and everyone.So take the charge and achieve whatever you want to.

10. Koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharm nahi hota


These are some of our favorite Bollywood Movie dialogues which have some meaning and life mantras. Live by these and get your life sorted 🙂

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  1. Mam How do you get Such ideas for writing.
    These dialogues were just amazing in that era.
    Thanks for making me remember it.


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