Whenever we talk about Brooklyn 99 we think about its amazing characters which made us laugh. You must remember all the funny bits, laughter and sticking by each other in difficult times. We all relate to the characters of the TV shows and wish we get similar colleagues to work with. Some of us resonate with the weird sense of humour of Jake and some of us relate with the geekiness of Amy. There is something for everyone in Brooklyn 99. Take this quiz and find out which is your soul matching character from the show.

We get to see what goes behind the mind of the detectives. This is a very fresh show as we get to see a very different genre to a crime show. Generally, all the crime shows are very intense but this is full of punch lines and funny instances.



Before taking any action in a given situation, you generally

You had a long day in the office and your home is messy, you would?

Your Friend is dating someone much older. You would?

Your friend got into a fight and it was his fault. You would

How do you manage your money?

You have a very important test and you have to answer a MCQ but are not sure about the answer. You would?

You used to participate in all the dance performances in school

Brooklyn Nine Nine Person Quiz
You are Amy

Amy Santiago

You are a far-sighted person who observe each and every detail and think about the consequences of your actions. You like to keep your things in order and find something positive in everything.
You are Jake

you are jake

You are a warm and outgoing person with a gentle heart. You invest in people and are loyal to your friends. You also empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others.
You are Terry

You are very intuitive and make mindful decisions. You value your closed ones and look out for them. You are a very lively and positive person and see good in everything.
You are Captain Holt

You are a very good judge of character and are very particular about your things. You keep a tab of minute details and lead a very systematic and organised life. You like to keep a small circle of people around you.
You are Gina


You are an outgoing person and really trust your intuition. You are very straight forward and take your time in making the right choice. You know how to handle different situations easily.
You are Charles

You are fiercely loyal and a sensitive person who owns the flaws in a positive way. You are not afraid to speak your mind.You are also very observant and far-sighted.
You are Rosa

You think long before taking any action and cut off any extra burden which weighs you down. You trust your instinct to make the right decision and are generally right about the stuff.


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