Bryan Cranston rose to fame when Breaking Bad became one of the highest-rated tv shows in the world. He wasn’t a big household name before Breaking Bad and very few people know about his comedy career. We are taking a look at some of the most fascinating facts about Bryan Cranston on his birthday.

12 Lesser-Known Bryan Cranston Facts

1 – Bryan Cranston was born on 7th March 1956 in California. His mother Peggy Sell who was a radio actress. His father Joseph Louis Cranston was a Hollywood actor and producer.

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2 – Although his parents were well established in Hollywood they didn’t want Bryan to have an acting career. He started pursuing acting when he dropping off college.


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3 – Bryan and his brother were murder suspects when they were working as a waiter in Florida. The owner of the restaurant was murdered.

Bryan and Kyle Edward

4 – He was first married to Mickey Middleton at the age of 21. This marriage ended in divorce after 5 years. Later Bryan married Robin Deardon. The couple has a daughter named Taylor Deardon Cranston.

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5 – We all know Breaking Bad was a breakthrough role for him. Many people didn’t know this but he wasn’t the first choice for Walter White. The role was first offered to John Cusack and Matthew Broderick but they turned it down. Later it was offered to Bryan and we all know how it turned out.


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6 – Before he was a known face in Hollywood, he worked as a voice-over artist and also in commercials.

7 – For the final season of Breaking Bad, Bryan was earning as much as $225,000 per episode. He was paid approx $1.8 Million for the final season.

8 – Bryan has a Breaking Bad tattoo on his finger. His co-star on the show Aaron Paul and Bryan decided to get the tattoo after filming the final episode. Bryan got the Breaking Bad logo on the inner side of his finger. Aaron got the quote “No half measure” tattoed on his arm.

Brayn Cranston Braking Bad Tattoo

9 – He once wrote a screenplay for his wife. He wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday with a unique gift. Bryan later made the movie on that screenplay, He also directed the film. The name of the movie was Last Chance 1999.


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10 – Vince Gilligan is known for his commitment to the craft so everything needs to be authentic and perfect. Due to this Bryan actually learned how to cook meth with the help of DEA agents to prepare for his role. Although he knows how to cook the meth, he never got to make it on the show.

11 – He is a dog lover and he once rescued a dog named Sugar.

12 – Bryan is a huge baseball fan and his favorite team is LA Dodgers. His wife once arranged the birthday party in the Dodgers stadium when Bryan turned 40.

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So here you have it guys. Some of the most fascinating Bryan Cranston Facts. Did we miss something do let us know in the comment section below.


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