Cannibal movies are quite interesting and thrilling to watch. To look closely into the mindset of a cannibal (a person who eats human flesh) and what tempts them to eat their fellow humans is really fascinating and cringy at the same time. We have decided to feed you with more Cannibal movies to take your fascination to the next level.

People feasting on the flesh of other people make up for a different level of thrill and suspense. The movies are a bit twisted and are a sure deal that you would like every bit of it. People often ask a question in truth and dare if they are stuck on an island would they eat human flesh to survive. But, cannibalism is not limited to survival. These movies show the different purposes of people being cannibals.


Best Cannibal Movies To Watch Right Now



IMDb Rating- 6.2

When we talk about cannibal movies this movie is generally included in every list ever made. This is the story of a 10-year-old boy living with his weird and horrifying parents who look normal to other people but he knows something is not right with his family. His father feeds him human flesh when he brings meat every night. The movie is quite horrifying and is a classic if you want to watch one of the top cannibal movies.

The movie is dark, scary, horrifying and amazing at the same time.


The Hills Have Eyes

IMDb Rating- 6.4

This is another addition to the list of Cannibal movies. The trouble starts when a family is misguided by a mysterious man to take a spooky shortcut to reach their destination early. As soon as the take the short cut they start facing problems. They are being targeted by the cannibals longing for their flesh. The movie is quite interesting and full of twists and turns. You will enjoy watching this if you are looking for good cannibal films.


Wrong Turn

IMDb Rating- 6.1

The wrong turn is a famous series in the cannibal movies list. The fate of six friends takes a gruesome turn when they get stuck in the middle of nowhere after their cars meet with an accident. They venture into the woods which leads them to their horrifying fate as dangerous cannibals await.


Wrong Turn: Dead End

IMDb Rating- 5.5

The second part of the series is Wrong turn: Dead end. The story revolves around the reality TV world where people are tasked with an adventure of surviving in a wasteland. It is in West Virginia. They experience mortifying activities as the cannibals await them and want to feed on their flesh.

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Cannibal Holocaust

IMDb rating- 5.9

A professor discovers a tape made in the older days to study the cannibalism and old rituals of the Amazon rainforest. He is in the forest on a rescue mission. The tape was shot by a crew which went missing under mysterious circumstances.


IMDb Rating- 7

This is one of the most talked-about cannibal films and is rightly so. The movie is quite interesting with a good storyline. The movie is based on a strange man who tells stories of cannibalism to the people. John s a captain who is stuck in his company and finds his stories hard to believe


IMDb Rating- 6.8

Hannibal is a known cannibal. He lives at a remote location under a different identity. One of his victims decides to find him and kill him to avenge himself. This is one of the most famous cannibal movies.

Cannibal Ferox

IMDb Rating- 5.2

In search of her sister a lady encounters dangerous circumstances where her life is entangled with the natives on New Guinea who live in the jungle. Her struggle and emotional turmoil are beautifully depicted in this cannibal movie.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

IMDb Rating- 5.7

As the name suggests the movie is based on a cannibal who sleepwalks. The cannibal is mentally ill and is taken care of by an artist who makes him his muse and paints amazing pieces. If you are looking for a cannibal movies list then this movie is a must-watch on that list.

We’re Going To Eat You

IMDb Rating- 6.5

This is a comedy horror movie targeting cannibalism. An undercover agent reaches a village in search of a thief where people eat human flesh. There are action scenes in the movie which will surely keep you entertained.

The Silence Of The Lambs

IMDb rating- 8.2

The help of Hannibal Lecter is needed by an FBI agent to catch another psychopath who targets females. The serial killer skins the bodies of the females after taking them captive. This is one of the best and most critically acclaimed cannibal movies which you must watch.


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Hannibal Rising

IMDb Rating- 6.2

This is not a hardcore cannibal film but has instances for the same. Hannibal Lecter loses his family and his young sister. The Nazi police kill his sister and eat her remains. Hannibal makes it his life mission to get revenge. He finds the people who killed his sister and gets his revenge. Many disturbing facts are revealed in this process.

Bone Tomahawk

IMDb Rating- 7.1

Three people are held captive by a dangerous local clan. The sheriff and his companions decide to resue them and save them from becoming a snack for the cannibals. But, the task is not as easy as it sounds. The movie is one of the best and top cannibal movies.


IMDb Rating- 7

Raw is a cannibal movie which you would definitely enjoy watching on any weekend or on a movie night with friends. A college student starts craving meat after one forced night of eating rabbit meat. She starts craving human flesh soon. This is one of the best cannibal movies for you to watch right now.


We Are What We Are

IMDb Rating- 5.9

The movie is about a mysterious Parker family who is really close to their roots and old customs. They fear to be exposed after the young daughters are supposed to carry the family legacy after the death of the matriarch.  The girls are a cannibal and eat human flesh due to different circumstances mostly forced by their father. This is one of the best cannibal movies to watch.

The Green Inferno

IMDb Rating-5.3

This is a very adventurous and interesting cannibal movie. The movie revolves around a group of people who are social activists and protest against the petrochemical company. They are returning to their city when the plane crashes into the jungle. The local tribe captures and eats them one by one using various methods. This spook the others and they try to escape. The movie keeps you glued to your seat the entire time


Trouble Everyday

IMDb Rating- 6

This is another addition to our list of cannibal movies. A tale of a newlywed couple who both enjoy devouring human flesh. The wife gets physical with men and then finishes them off after biting them and eating their flesh.


Eating Raoul

IMDb Rating- 6.8

Raoul is the name of the man who is being eaten, obviously. A husband and wife kill rich people and fulfil their dreams by later robbing them. Raoul is the one they strike a deal with to dispose of the bodies. The movie is quite interesting.

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IMDb Rating- 7.6

Delicatessen is the story of a butcher who serves a delicacy to its tenants. Needless we say that the delicacy is usually made of human flesh and he is in constant need of a handyman so that he has a constant supply of meat. This is one of the best cannibal movies.

Cannibal Apocalypse

IMDb Rating- 5.7

You will get a feeling of watching a zombie movie while streaming this one. Two veterans discover a virus which makes a human want to feed on other humans. They release the virus and watch everything getting destroyed by the thirst of flesh. This is one of the most famous cannibal movies.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

IMDb Rating- 7.3

This Johnny Depp movie earned many accolades for its storyline and performances by actors. Todd is a barber who slaughters his customer with the razor and their corpses are converted into meat pies by Mrs Lovett.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

IMDb Rating- 6.2

Things go haywire when a woman kills herself in front of a group of friends. When they look for help they are surrounded by dangerous people and a family who wants to feed on their flesh. One of the best cannibal movies.




Blood Diner

IMDb Rating- 5.3

It is a horror and comedy movie. This movie is a mix of cannibalism and some paranormal story. An old restaurant is operated by two brothers who kill women and experiment with new dishes. They feed these dishes to their customers. Also, sacrifices are committed by them to bring some Egyptian goddess to life.




IMDb Rating- 6.7

This movie tells the story of a woman named Aunt Mei who has found the secret of never ageing. She makes special dumplings which keep a person young. An ageing actress eats her dumplings and pays her a good price. The secret is that the dumplings are made up of human fetus.


So this was the list of all the must-watch cannibal movies. Do let us know if we missed anything in the comment section below.


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