Bhagat Singh Best Books

7 Best Books on Bhagat Singh That You Must Read

Bhagat Singh's name is synonymous with the independence movement in India. He had a major role in Indian Independence. Bhagat Singh was born on...
bestselling books of all time

20 Bestselling Books Of All Time

A good book either takes you on a journey that ends up changing your life or brings a positive change in your life in...
books like harry potter

20+ Books Like Harry Potter That Every Potterhead Must Read

Harry Potter has a huge fanbase. The first books came out in 1997 and people still talk about the impeccable writing by J.K Rowling....

Amazing LGBTQ books you should be reading next

  To live in a country where people are judged at every step of their life, it is impossible to live freely if one belongs...

25 Best Classic Hindi Novels You Must Read

Literature has never failed to amaze us and to top it Hindi literature goes way beyond our imagination and there are many Hindi novels...

15 Books recommended by Emma Watson that you should read

The actress Emma Watson is a bookworm just like her brainy characters of Hermione and Belle. Her love for books reflects her personality as...

Book Lover? Check out These Awesome Bookmarks

Being a bibliophile has its own fun. We create a world which is our own and we truly feel the quote that a reader...

13 Best Time travelling books that will blow your mind 

  Leaping from one dimension to another appears to be great on big screens but reading about traveling back and forth in centuries is a...
best erotic-novels

10 erotic novels that will give Fifty Shades a run for...

Erotic novels? We all really enjoy these but have a hard time finding the one as per our liking. Do you know what the...

12 Best Novels for Beginners

Novels for beginners seem like a weird term. But if you haven't read anything and want to make it a habit, you need something...

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