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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

Bollywood Wives’ Struggle Is As Real As Their Botox

Netflix recently launched a 'docuseries' (which seems so scripted) called The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. It is basically Karan Johar's attempt to make...
Netflix's Mismatched- Is It Worth Watching?

Netflix’s Mismatched- Is It Worth Watching?

Netflix's Mismatched is an adaptation of Sandhya Menon’s 2017 young adult novel titled When Dimple Met Rishi. The rom-com opens during a three-month app...
Down To Earth Celebrities In India

Most Down To Earth Celebrities In India

Fame is something that can instantly get to one's head and transform that person forever. We all must have heard about a cocky celebrity...
Best movie sequels

15+ Best movie sequels of all time

There is something very interesting and intriguing about our favourite movie series. We make them a part of our lives and wait for the...

36 Alt Balaji Web Series To Binge-Watch

It feels good to see how all the OTT platforms are evolving. The fact that many Indian production houses have their own OTT platform...

35 Foreign Celebrities Who Rocked the Desi Look Brilliantly

This could be a subjective thing but many people will agree that a person looks the finest in the traditional attires. Especially if we...
Best Survival Movies

28 Best Survival Movies To Binge-Watch Right Now

This pandemic got us all thinking about the future and all the possibilities around the world. How a small virus can cause such havoc....
voot web series

11 Voot Web Series That You Should Must Watch

Voot has been the OG of Indian web series. I remember watching It’s Not That Simple much before Sacred Games was released. The best...
best psychological movies

34 Best Psychological Movies Of All Time

Psychological horror films are very interesting, thrilling, suspenseful and of course, leave you guessing. We often wonder about these movies after we watch them....

Mesmerizing Poetry By Zakir Khan

Well, you would probably be living beneath a rock if you’re not well acquainted with who Zakir Khan is. The OG Sakht Launda who...

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