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Bollywood Girly Movies

17 Best Bollywood Girly Movies to watch

There is something about watching chick flicks. They put you in a better mood instantly. There are many Hollywood chick flicks which are popular...
30 Best Detective Movies Of All Time

30 Best Detective Movies Of All Time

Whenever we are talking about detective movies, then suddenly a case study comes in our mind, which can hook us in its suspense. Sometimes...
Motivational Hindi Songs

22 Best Motivational Hindi Songs of all Time

In stressful times likes these, students only depend on motivational songs to get a bit charged up. Irrespective of them being the motivation for...
books like harry potter

20+ Books Like Harry Potter That Every Potterhead Must Read

Harry Potter has a huge fanbase. The first books came out in 1997 and people still talk about the impeccable writing by J.K Rowling....
evergreen bollywood movies

50 Best Evergreen Bollywood Movies

The best  Evergreen Bollywood movies or Hindi film fraternity makes around 1500-2000 movies per annum. It's really difficult to travel through all of them. Many great movies go unseen and...
Must Watch Irrfan Khan Movies

26 Best Movies Of Irrfan Khan You Must Watch

Irrfan Khan was well known for his versatile performance not just in Hindi cinema but across British films (Hollywood) also. His first film was...
Inspiring Movies For Women

52 Inspiring Movies for Women To Encourage Her to take on...

We all know that both actor and actress play an important part in making films. But many scripts are centered around either of the...
Miniseries to watch on weekend

42 Brilliant Miniseries to Binge-Watch Over The Weekend

These are difficult days. Every country is implementing a strict lockdown policy to keep its citizens safe and fight the battle against the coronavirus....
Best Korean Thriller Drama Movies

35+ Best Korean Thriller Drama You Would Love to Watch

When it comes to thriller movies, no one can beat the South Korean film industry. They are best known for their high-quality action drama....
indian horror web series

16 Indian Horror Web Series In Hindi

There is a different fanbase for Horror Web Series in Hindi. People enjoy watching horror shows at night with their family or group of...

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