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Famous Teachers from TV Shows & Movies

When we see children going to school with heavy bags on their shoulders we get teleported to the time when we were kids and...

28 Amazing Documentaries You Must Watch Before You Die

Documentaries, this word has lots of meanings. Besides some people like it, some people not so much. For me personally, I love documentaries. Don't...

Ridiculous Indian TV Shows That Will Make You Go ‘WTF’

The history of Indian drama dates back to the days of Raam-Leela and Nukkad-Natak being held at various places on various occasions. Slowly this...
Iconic dialogues From Bollywood Movies

Iconic Bollywood Movie dialogues

We all grew up watching Bollywood movies. They are a mixture of passion, emotions, thrill, action and whatnot. A perfect dose of entertainment. Sometimes...
Best Hindi Web Series

87 Best Hindi Web Series Everyone Should Watch in 2020

In the past few years, we have seen a boom in the best Hindi web series. It all started with the Youtube web series...

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