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40 Things All Artists Can Relate To

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Art is something that liberates your soul and gives you freedom and creates a little world that is your own. You just answer to yourself while …


How would it be like if Indian Cricket Players were students of a class

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We have all grown up watching cricket and get super excited in the name of the World cup and other tournaments like IPL. Cricket is like …


Ryan Reynolds is coming as ‘Detective Pikachu” and we couldn’t be more excited.

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The friendship of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu is something every 90’s kid would remember. We would all sit in front of our TV set at 5 …

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Take This How I Met Your Mother Quiz To prove You Are A True Fan

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When it comes to watching comedy shows there are certain series which have proved to be evergreen. How I Met Your Mother is one such show which …


Most Right swiped Professions On Tinder In India

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Dating can be tricky and a risky process in today’s world. Things don’t work out as they did in the old times when you used to go …


Romantic Movie Cliches That Don’t Happen In Real Life

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We all love watching romantic movies once in a while because they do put us in a good mood with their happy endings. But we can’t …


How Well Do you Know F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Quiz

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Most of us have our own remedy for killing time and without doubt most of us watch our favourite TV show for that purpose. There are …


What qualities of the TV characters make us relate to them

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When we watch a Tv show, it is natural to end up relating to the characters in that show. We relate more to the TV characters …


Things you will relate to if you have traveled with your family as well as friends

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To travel is to live. Every road you take has a different view, every place you go has a different story to tell. The place you …


12 Embarrassing Moments with Parents – Situations We Have Been in!

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A family is there to support you through hard times, your parents guide you with genuine and selfless advice. Parents always have your back. Your Parents …