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35 Funny yet Tough Hindi Movie Names for Dumb Charades in 2019

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This post is about Hindi Movie Names for Dumb Charades, Everyone loves to play Dumb Charades. It is one game which is played at every party. …


20 Best Indian Kitty Party Games For You to Host and Enjoy

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Organizing a kitty party for your ladies? Games are the most important part of your party, which can make or break your image as a hostess. …


15 Times When Joey Tribbiani Proved He Was A Great Guy

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“Joey doesn’t share food”, “How you doin’?” , Ken Adams if you also can hear all this in the way and tone Joey speaks then congratulations …


The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring Quiz

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This would be an understatement to say that Lord of the rings is an amazing movie. The movie has a huge fan following all over the …


13 Pie charts about adulting that will make you laugh at your own stupidity

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Growing up has its own perks we get to do things as per our choice(or we feel we do). We have new sets of responsibilities like …


Game Of Thrones Season 8 is Here. Twitter Has A lot to Say About It.

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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 premiered this Sunday. We have been waiting for two years for the show and it is finally here. Well, …


28 Best Ice Breaker Games That Will Help You Make Some New Friends

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Hiring a new set of interns or conducting a conference with a bunch of people who don’t know each other can lead to a lot of …


10 Ways to be more photogenic and rock every picture you take

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In this new age world of selfies and posting pictures about everything that goes on in one’s life, being photogenic is very necessary. Otherwise you too …


27 Hilarious Chandler Bing One-liners

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Chandler Bing is the definition of sarcasm. I am sure you have watched the friends Chandler must be in the pile of liked character. He made us …


13 Drinking Games To Try On Your Next House Party

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We all love hanging out with our friends once in a while and enjoy a little booze. This little turns to blackout sometimes but it is …