Yoga Asanas for menstrual pain

10 Yoga Asanas For Menstrual Pain Relief

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that has been existent for ages as there are several health benefits connected with it. It...
Easy Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

20 Easy Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat Instantly

Yoga is definitely a world-renowned fitness form. People from all over the world come to India to practice this and take the box of...

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Awareness Quiz – How aware are you?

Coronavirus also called COVID-2019 has taken the whole world by storm within a few days. Every country is fighting this hard and doctors and...

High-fiber foods to include in your diet which are also low...

It is the generation of getting fit and in the process of doing so, people tend to cut back on carbs and getting high...

Food to avoid when you have PCOD

    PCOD or Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition that has tremendously prevailed among women since the past few years. The statistic rates in which...
good night sleep

15 Simple life hacks to get a good night sleep

  Get a good night’s sleep is one of the most blissful pleasures of life. Be it physical health, mental health, skincare or just the...

12 Go To Remedies To Cure Hangover

Remedies for hangover, not a lot of things come to mind! What is drinking when you count the number of shots you intake. Getting...

11 Ways To Stay Motivated And Hit The Gym Daily

What is the resolution which is most likely to be taken by almost everyone? Goal to eat healthily and stay fit. In the month...

12 Natural, Easy and Sure Ways To Boost Your Libido

Testosterone is responsible for libido in both men and women. Libido is a person's sexual drive. With time and due to some reasons people...

19 Best Stress Relief Products & Gadgets ( That Actually Help...

Stress is one of the leading cause of depression, health issues, and relationship related problems. In this age and day, people are more prone to...

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