11 Ways To Stay Motivated And Hit The Gym Daily

What is the resolution which is most likely to be taken by almost everyone? Goal to eat healthily and stay fit. In the month...

Badass Walter White Quotes from Breaking Bad

One of the TV's most realistic shows got to be 'Breaking Bad'. Walter White is the mastermind in the show. He can handle any...

27 Witty & Inspiring Harvey Specter Quotes That Will Give...

If you follow motivation pages or hashtags on Instagram you must have come across witty & Inspiring Harvey Specter Quotes. Harvey Specter Attorney at...

18 Most famous quotes from famous personalities we lost in 2018

2018 is almost over and 2019 is ready to be welcomed by us. There were many things which happened in 2018, many good things...

25 Quotes By Joker That Tell A Truth Or Two About...

Joker is one of the legendary villains in the DC universe. Batman’s arch nemesis, his plot is always twisting and would compel you to...

16 Famous Stan Lee Quotes to Remember his Legacy

Stan Lee was the founder of Marvel comics and a lot of iconic characters. He died on 12th November 2018 from natural causes at...

Questions to ask for self-discovery

There are so many instances when we get stuck in a situation and think if I will be able to handle this stuff. But...

15 Ways to simplify your life

How often do you feel that 24 hours in a day are less to finish everything on your plate? Chances are very often. It is...

Asian Games 2018 | All the Wins (GOLD) for India

The first thing most of us do in the morning is read the newspaper. It is kind of important to stay updated and know...

16 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

STEPHEN HAWKING the name is synonymous with inspiration, positivity, and intellect. On 14th of March the whole world was saddened by the news of...

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