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Things You Will Get if You are Preparing for a Competitive Exam

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Life passes very quickly. You are never able to get over the fact that a year has passed and before you know it people are greeting …

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16 Interesting Stephen Hawking Facts

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STEPHEN HAWKING the name is synonymous with inspiration, positivity, and intellect. On 14th of March the whole world was saddened by the news of his demise. …


Things Vegetarian People Get to Hear

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Being a vegetarian in a group of nonvegetarian friends makes you feel like a culprit while they order their food because just for you a separate …


Things We All Miss About School

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There was a different feeling when we were going to our school and it was good different. Whenever we meet our old friends we end up …

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Richest Women Around the World 2018

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When we think about the richest of the world, men come to mind. But in past few years, things have changed. There are many women in …


Instagram Pages to Follow if You Love Photography

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Photos are the best way to preserve the moment. Our phones are filled with hundreds of pictures. And talking about sharing those moments with world, in …


Resolutions that were never completed

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Since childhood, we made innumerable promises and took many resolutions. Yes, the promises kept changing from our school days to our teen years. But did we …


Suffering from PCOS?Ladies don’t neglect it

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6 out of 10 women suffer from PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome). In this cyst is formed over the ovaries which affects your health.Blame it on today’s lifestyle …


Tallest in the group? We understand

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Being the tallest person in a room is definitely overwhelming for you as well as for others. Tall people hear many things in day to day …


Important Life Lessons to Learn From These Famous TV Shows

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TV shows and movies aren’t only about entertainment, sometimes they have a deeper meaning than that. And it is not only limited to the drama or …