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17 Best Fantasy Genre Movies That Are An Interesting Watch

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Do you also enjoy fantasizing about things that do not exist in real life but feel good to think about? What if they did. If Unicorns, …

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Top 15 Amazing Animated Movie Quotes

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Animation movies are one of my favorite genres. They have an amazing storyline, awesome graphics, and very likable characters. In this article, we have put together …

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28 Must Watch Movies That Were Based on Real Events

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From World war II to cold war, this world has seen many historic events. The best way to learn about these events is to read in …


Awesome Quotes From Harry Potter Movie

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When you visit  any railway station the thought of passing through its wall and entering a magical world occurs in your mind? Every picture of an …



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  We all grew up watching different movies and their various parts like The James Bond series or the Missin Impossible series and the thing we …


27 Best Rom-Coms Of All Time To Watch

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My remedy for a blue and lazy day is cozying up in my blanket with a tub of ice cream and watching a good rom-com. There …


Movies Coming in 2019 We Are Most Excited For

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2018 is almost gone and so far many things happen this year. We lost many good people, major events took place and if we talk about …

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25 Quotes By Joker That Tell A Truth Or Two About Real Life

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Joker is one of the legendary villains in the DC universe. Batman’s arch nemesis, his plot is always twisting and would compel you to make the …


20 On-Screen Deaths That Broke Our Hearts

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TV is the best way to fill those free time gaps in our life and it has so much to offer. When we start watching a …


Ryan Reynolds is coming as ‘Detective Pikachu” and we couldn’t be more excited.

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The friendship of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu is something every 90’s kid would remember. We would all sit in front of our TV set at 5 …