Saturday, April 17, 2021
Bollywood Sleeper Hits

13 Bollywood Sleeper Hits of The Previous Decade

A sleeper hit is a movie, television series, music release, video game, or some other entertainment product that was initially unsuccessful in the release...
Bollywood Girly Movies

17 Best Bollywood Girly Movies to watch

There is something about watching chick flicks. They put you in a better mood instantly. There are many Hollywood chick flicks which are popular...
30 Best Detective Movies Of All Time

30 Best Detective Movies Of All Time

Whenever we are talking about detective movies, then suddenly a case study comes in our mind, which can hook us in its suspense. Sometimes...
highest-grossing hollywood movies in India

List of Highest-Grossing Hollywood Movies In India

Many of us might not be aware of it but India has one of the largest Hollywood fanbases. For movie series like that of...
evergreen bollywood movies

50 Best Evergreen Bollywood Movies

The best  Evergreen Bollywood movies or Hindi film fraternity makes around 1500-2000 movies per annum. It's really difficult to travel through all of them. Many great movies go unseen and...
Bengali movies to watch

Top 20 Bangla Movies To Binge Watch

It's impossible to talk about Indian cinema, without acknowledging the Bangla movies. The equivalents of Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, and Ritwik Ghatak themselves motivated...
Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix

57 Must Watch Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix

If you look around for Hindi dubbed movies on Netflix there isn't any particular filter that can help you with it. Netflix has some...
Motivational Movies For Budding Entrepreneurs

20 Inspirational & Motivational Movies For Budding Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. Every day you face millions of obstacles. The budget distress can be enough for an average person to start...
Best Marathi Movies

20 Best Marathi Movies of All Time You Must Watch

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, Marathi movies saw itself broken by hurriedly written scripts and almost as carelessly directed final prints. It...
Must Watch Irrfan Khan Movies

26 Best Movies Of Irrfan Khan You Must Watch

Irrfan Khan was well known for his versatile performance not just in Hindi cinema but across British films (Hollywood) also. His first film was...

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