Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Take This Money Heist Quiz before Binging the Season 4

Money Heist is a very popular drama- crime TV series which has a huge fanbase. The show came out in 2017 and has made...

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Awareness Quiz – How aware are you?

Coronavirus also called COVID-2019 has taken the whole world by storm within a few days. Every country is fighting this hard and doctors and...

The Ultimate Witcher Trivia Quiz We Dare You To Take

The Witcher is a popular series that is based upon the famous novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. This game came out in 2007 and...
Suits Would you rather poll.

Suits Would You Rather Poll Every Harvey Specter Fan Should Take

Who doesn't love Harvey Specter for his unattainable sass and good looks? Suits is an American drama series depicting life in legal day-to-day dealings....

This is the Toughest Would You Rather Harry Potter Game.

  Harry Potter is our childhood. We have a special connection with all the characters. The dangers of the emotions and of course all the...

Stranger Things Season 3 Trivia Quiz

The much-awaited latest season of Stranger things recently released and won everybody’s heart yet again. However, with this season, everything was bigger and better,...

25 Years of FRIENDS, Here is an interesting Poll.

We watch shows and series to entertain ourselves and for that pinch of relief from our boring life. Many shows come and go and...

How I Met Your Mother Would You Rather Quiz.

HIMYM has ended over 5 years ago and it is still fresh in our memory. Hopeless romantic Ted, good Samaritan Marshall, the wise Lily,...

Stranger Things Season 2 Trivia Quiz

Stranger things season 2 was a hit and paved way for the story to develop further. Season 2 took the concept of upside-down to...

Stranger Things Season 1 Trivia Quiz

Did you recently binge-watched the season 3 of Stranger Things and now consider yourself the member of the cool Hawkins squad that casually fight...

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