Monday, July 26, 2021

20 Amazing Spider-Man quotes from all the different series

Spiderman has been an integral part of our lives since childhood until now. Even with various remakes and different versions, the character has not...

30 Amazing and Witty Iron Man Quotes Proving He is Right...

Iron Man is a witty, amazing, genius, sometimes arrogant and most of the time correct. We have put together some of the amazing and...

22 Best Albus Dumbledore Quotes From Harry Potter Movies

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was one hell of a character played beautifully by Michael Gambon. He was there to guide "the boy who...

16 Brilliant Quotes from BBC’s Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is a legend among mystery and thriller fans. We have put together Quotes from BBC' Sherlock for all the fans out there....

18 Amazing Tyrion Lannister Quotes from Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister is one hell of a character in Game of Thrones. His wit and humor and perspective to see life has brought him...

19 Inspiring and Amazing Emma Watson Quotes

Emma Watson is a name that needs no introduction. She first rose to stardom in the Harry Potter series and has done many significant...

30 Amazing Steve Jobs Quotes To Motivate You

Steve Jobs a name that doesn't require any introduction. He was an amazing visionary and people around the world still admire him for his...

Top 15 Amazing Animated Movie Quotes

Animation movies are one of my favorite genres. They have an amazing storyline, awesome graphics, and very likable characters. In this article, we have...

Awesome Quotes From Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter has been the most important part of our lives and the awesome quotes from harry potter are still fresh in our minds....

Badass Walter White Quotes from Breaking Bad

One of the TV's most realistic shows got to be 'Breaking Bad'. Walter White is the mastermind in the show. He can handle any...

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