Wednesday, February 21, 2024

15 Unsolved and Perplexing Mysteries of India

India is a land of cultures, traditions, and customs. all the traditions are valued here. Though we have reached the moon we take pride...

28 Must Watch Movies That Were Based on Real Events

From World war II to cold war, this world has seen many historic events. The best way to learn about these events is to...

12 Things one will find in Dan Brown books

If you are a bibliophile looking for a new author to get your fix of daily reading from, you have come to the...

23 Places to Visit to Witness Snowfall in India

Winter is a time when everything turns to a white landscape and everything seems to be picture perfect. There is a different feeling when...

31 Most Funny, Entertaining, and Cute Subreddits You Should Subscribe To

Funny If you think about the search for some user feedback or answers online what comes to mind? You must be thinking about Quora....

19 Best Stress Relief Products & Gadgets ( That Actually Help...

Stress is one of the leading cause of depression, health issues, and relationship related problems. In this age and day, people are more prone to...

26 Things ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Copied From ‘Friends’

HIMYM is one of my favorite TV shows. It has a fresh perspective and when  'Friends' ended TV was in dire need of a...

22 Things You Will Relate To If You Love Dogs

There is two type of people, the one who love dogs and the one who doesn't. It's just that simple and there is no...

26 Best Indian Beer Brands To Try On Your Next House...

Beer is a drink associated with good summer days and has proved to be very refreshing. They go best with the pizza. a bottle...

28 Things To Do In Kashmir To Make Your Visit Memorable

Kashmir is literally heaven on Earth. You have to visit it to believe it. It is a hilly area yet different from all other...

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