The season is changing and we a giving a farewell to the hot and humid days of summer. Suddenly the smell of the air when you wake up in the morning is different, There is a change in the length of the days, the trees seem different. This is all the magic of AUTUMN.

Don’t mind if you find me obsessed with this season because it is my favorite time of the year. Everything starts changing from green to orange and rustic feels start generating.

Whenever we talk about fall a picture of leaves falling on the roads in different shades pops up in our head. This is a beautiful picture. If you are planning to make the most of it by visiting a place and enjoy that picture perfect scenic view then we will help you find that perfect holiday destination.

Here we have made a list of all the places that look just like those perfect Instagram pictures that you see in your search feed.

Have a look-




                        CITIES YOU MUST VISIT IN AUTUMN



1. Oslo, Norway-

People in Oslo definitely know how to enjoy autumn and welcome winter in style. There are several music festivals that take place here during this time of the year. October and November are the best months to visit this place.

In fall the mountains turn orange and red which is really a breathtaking view. Try staying in a cabin on the mountain which is also suggested by the locals. Also, you get to enjoy a local delicacy which is prepared during this time in every household- “FARIKAL” (made up of lamb and cabbage).

Norway is also famous for the Northern lights which will leave you in awe and is a treat to eyes.

You can also go hiking and pick berries on the way. All in all, this is definitely a must visit place in autumn as it has so much to offer.









2. Prague, Czech Republic-

The best time to visit this gem is around October and November. It experiences its first snow at the end of November.

In the early morning, the place experiences mist and fog but the days are warm. This will give you a mixed feeling which you will really like.

The place is less crowded and a bit cheaper in fall. There is a region known as Bohemian Switzerland which is best for hiking in Prague. Also, seasonal delicacies made up of mushrooms are also a must try if you are visiting here. Pumpkin juice and sauerkraut soup are also quite famous.

Jazz music festival is also going on during this time which helps you relax and enjoy.







3. Vermont, North Eastern United States-

There is no better place than Vermont to experience fall. There are various activities which you can do apart from admiring the beautiful view. You can go apple picking and try different items like doughnuts made up of apples and apple cider. There are many express lines which will take you on a scenic tour around the place.

You can also visit the sugarhouse as Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup and enjoy it with warm, soft pancakes.

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There are various beer drinking festivals going around this place at this time.








4. Stockholm, Sweden-

The best time to visit Stockholm is in autumn as it is less crowded. The feels of sitting inside a bar and cozying up are really great. The streets are enlightened and there is a carpet of leaves of different colors and the reflection of lights in the water give a different feel altogether.

This is a perfect place to take that autumny picture. The city is a home to many museums and there are various concerts going on around this time of the year.







5. Naples, Italy-

The best times to visit Naples is in the spring or autumn. The air is crisp with the smell of leaves falling from the trees. The various museum and archeological sites give it a vintage feel and you feel like you are in a retro Hollywood movie.

The place is famous for its cheeses and pastries. You must visit this place to make the most of your holiday.

The people visiting Naples make sure that they visit Pompeii which is just 30 minutes away from the city.

There are various festivals taking place during this time like The pasta show, All Saints Day and Le Lune di Pompei.








6. Kyoto, Japan-

The place is best to plan for a 3-day trip. The place is not so crowded and offers a picture-perfect view to its tourists. There are many places to visit including the various temples Tofuku-ji temple, Nanzen-ji temple. Also Arashiyama Bamboo grave is quite a famous place to visit.

Dinner at downtown Tokyo is the best for having the romantic feels. As the lights shine on trees with leaves of different colors and look oh-so-amazing. Try different Japanese cuisines and seafood while you are here.








7. Montreal, Canada-

With many Maple leaves falling from the trees, the place is a feast to the eyes. Montreal is one of the must-visit places to visit in autumn. The place has so much to offer. If you love music then attend Pop Montreal in September-October.

The Garden of Lights is a must-visit place while you are here. You can also visit Mount Royal to watch the colors of changing season and colorful trees.

The city has many options to offer in the nightlife with cozy cocktail pubs and dance clubs and live events.







8. Budapest, Hungary-

The Autumn is the harvest time in Budapest. September and October are the best months to visit this place. The city has many things to offer to the people visiting her. You can go on a Wine tasting spree or sit on the rooftops of various restaurants covered with beautiful autumn leaves.

For food lovers, there is Chimney Cake Festival offering its signature spiral-shaped pastry. Also, it organizes Budapest Contemporary Art Festival where various artworks of different artists are on display.








9. Charleston, South Carolina-

The best time to visit this holy city is in autumn. The afternoon can be enjoyed on the beach where the breeze is cold but the sun feels warm against your skin.
The city offers Ghost tours and it should be open your to-do list while you are here listening to the spooky history of the city. The city offers music in different genres- jazz, civil war songs, and Gullah music. The city is also famous for its rich art and culture.

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There are multiple restaurants offering lip-smacking food. One of the must-visit places in autumn for sure.







10. London, England-

This is a must visit place for all those who are in love with everything classy and fancy of course. The best time to visit London is in the fall season. Everything at this time is just filled with different tones of color and appeals to your eyes in a different manner.

The city has many parks which will help you learn everything about nature like- Greenwich Park, Kew Gardens and Regent’s park. Just relax by sitting on a bench under the tree sipping your hot coffee.

You can also enjoy the lively harvest fest here till October end and enjoy mixed cocktails available here.







11. Berlin, Germany-

There is a whole list of things to do in this city. There are a plethora of museums and theatres to look out for. The city is culturally very rich. You can also enjoy opera here, it is a different feel altogether.

Also, there is a seasonal market every weekend here where new fall recipes are made from seasonal goods. Berlin Harvest Festival is held every year and you must make the most of it while you are here.

There is a Festival of Lights which marks the start of fall in Berlin. In food, Berlin is famous for its coffee and cake combo.







12. Edinburgh, Scotland-

The capital of Scotland. The city is architecturally well endowed and appeals to the eyes. The best time to visit is in the autumn. The castles surrounded by different shades of leaves make for a splendid view and you feel like you have been transported into a fairytale.

The parks and meadows are the perfect places to watch the leaves turn their color and fall. Edinburgh is famous for its theatre and holds an art festival every year. This place is a must to visit during autumn.







13. Lodz, Poland-

Lodz is a city rich in art and culture. This will be clear as soon as you set foot in the city. There are many museums of modern art showcasing the work of some very famous artists. Mickiewicza park is one of the most famous parks and has a picture perfect view during autumn with a lake surrounded by trees.

There is a shopping center located in the city which will offer you everything- theatre, fitness center, bowling alley, pubs and what not.







14. New York, USA-

How can we talk about fall and not mention New York? The heart of USA. If you like a little hustle, then this is the place to be.

If you want an ariel view of the city then visit Whiteface Mountain. You will be amazed to see so many shades of orange covering the city. You can also go camping at John Boyd Thacher Park. You can also taste some good wine at the ski resort. For added adventure go hiking at Hudson Valley. Plus, the nightlife!

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new york




15. Vienna-

The autumn is the best time to visit as there are many cultural festivals going on here. Plus, it is less crowded. It offers wine tasting festival during fall. Halloween at Pater is another event to look out for while you are here.

The streets are filled with the aroma of mouth-watering food at this time. The most famous is pumpkin soup topped with nutty oil and Maroni. You can also take a road trip to any neighboring city and go hiking as well.








16. Greece-

Fall is the best time to visit Greece as nature has plenty to offer. Plus, the sea is still warm making it a good option to swim and enjoy your day. As the grapes ripen during this time the visitors can taste the wine as well as take part in the process of preparing the wine.

The harvest of Olives also takes place at this time and you can be a happy helper and in return get your mouth full of delicacies prepared at the end of the harvest. You can also go hiking and explore ancient ruins.







17. Wales-

Wales is famous for its history. The wide roads and open sky make for a fantastic view. The place is famous for its vegetation and there are lots of activity which you can do like birdwatching and woodland walk. Climb the Sugarloaf mountain and absorb the wonderful view through your eyes. You can also take part in the popular Cardiff Marathon.






18. Southern California-

The autumn here starts at the end of October and lasts through November and the place is definitely a feast to the eyes.

The air is thin and crisp and the roadside is surrounded by the trees of changing colors. You can visit Bishops creek to experience utmost beauty and peace. You can also hike along the North Fork of Big Pine. There are lakes which have been covered by mountains in the background. Make sure to add this place to your list.



southern california



19. Munich, Bavaria-

the autumn paints the city in a golden shade with leaves. The city is widely famous for its Oktoberfest celebration, so enjoy your mug full of delicious beer. The city is also in good spirits after Kirchweihdult where they bid goodbye to summer and welcome autumn.

Also due to the good windy days, the city celebrates kite flying and you will see colorful kites in the sky. Kids, as well as adults, celebrate this with full spin.







20. Mexico-

It is said that the best time to visit Mexico is Winters but autumn is equally good. There are many reasons to do so.

Festival Cervantino is celebrated in autumn and Mexico celebrates its independence in September. So, the festivity is spread all around. You can also witness the festival Day of the Dead.

The most famous dish of Mexico is also available at this time- Chiles en Nagoda.





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