New information and computer science technologies have become very firmly established in the life of a modern person. This topic will always be fruitful for various theories and interesting stories about the prospects and dangers of the development of computers.

Read in this article about the seven most interesting films about computers. If you are a student and you do not have enough time to watch movies due to the heavy workload, you can contact assignment experts of the service with a request to do your homework for you at a cheap cost, thus freeing up time for a more enjoyable activity.

Best Computer Science Movies

Check out our selection of the top 7 computer science movies below.

Who Am I

The first position in the rating is taken by the movie “Who Am I”. It tells that the main character Benjamin is a young computer genius who lost his parents very early. Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a real superhero, although he realized that this was impossible. One day he met a young guy named Max, who is a professional hacker. It was this man who became a role model for him, and Benjamin decided to become a really cool hacker. Together with a company of guys, he began to carry out hacker attacks and committed several cybercrimes, after which his life changed in the most dramatic way. He began to enjoy his life and take whatever he wants from it, only everything has its consequences, and very often not very good ones.

Mr. Robot

This film is considered to be one of the best films in the IT industry. In the center of the plot is the young hacker Elliot Alderson. He lives in New York, works for a large corporation, and suffers from clinical depression and paranoia. Sometimes Elliot breaks into other people’s computers. It is because of such actions that a mysterious man nicknamed Mr. Robot comes out to him. Elliot joins an underground hacker organization. Their goal is to destroy a large corporation that profits from ordinary citizens.

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Silicon Valley

A story about talented geeks developing extraordinary technological projects. The guys’ abilities were needed by the influential businessman Ehrlich Bachmann, and he gave his mansion to the full disposal of specialists. Bachman fully provides the guys with everything they need, not only for work, but also for life, and in return, computer scientists are obliged to give him 10% of the profit of each successful project.

The Social Network

A student at Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg, experienced a breakup with his girlfriend. They were a couple for several years, after which the girlfriend left the guy. The unpleasant news greatly influenced the abandoned and humiliated Mark. For a long time, he could not accept the separation but soon found the strength to move on.

He was confident and supported by caring students from all over the world, with whom he began to communicate on a social network. They discussed their bad love experience and shared their opinions about the girls around them. Soon the site created by Mark became popular and known all over the world. This is how the largest social network Facebook appeared, which brought fame, wealth, and incredible success to its creator.

Black Mirror

The events, in which a young programmer named Stefan became a participant, took place in 1984. The guy is going through a tragedy – his mother has been dead for several years, but he feels a strong sense of guilt because of her departure. Because of this, his head is not all right. And so he decides to start writing a computer game, which will be based on the plot of a science fiction novel. But in the process of work, the reality surrounding him suddenly begins to change, and he is more and more immersed in a fictional world. As a result, the creative idea turns out to be a complete confusion for Stefan, and the not quite mentally healthy guy finally loses touch with reality.

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Will Caster is a Ph.D. and a distinguished scientist. He specializes in the study of artificial intelligence and is working on creating a super-computer that could collect all the experience accumulated by mankind. Caster conducts very controversial experiments, which, nevertheless, glorified him, but, at the same time, turned extremists against him. Trying to stop the scientist, people achieve the exact opposite effect.


The movie tells about the genius computer scientist Walter O’Brien. From childhood, he was distinguished by incredibly high intelligence. He once managed to break into the Pentagon and NASA bases, but this crime did not go unnoticed. Walter was found and offered to work for the national security service at a secret agency called Scorpion. Now Walter has become the boss of five young computer geniuses – the same talents as himself.

The plot is based on real events. Eccentric geniuses are a think tank working for the national security service, and their task is to deal with the complex threats of our time.

Therefore, be sure to watch some or all of the films in our selection of computer science movies. They captivate with their captivating plot, rapidity of events, the unpredictability of the ending, etc. You will definitely enjoy watching, have a good time, and learn more about the modern development of computer science.


  1. Hi Ashish,

    I loved your article! All the shows and movies you added were amazing. I have watched some of them like Mr. Robot and Black Mirror, and I really enjoyed watching both of them, especially Mr Robot. It’s amazing, and the way they tackled serious mental health conditions was commendable. I am really looking forward to watching other movies you suggest, and enjoying them just as much. Science fiction has become one of my favorite genres, thanks a lot for sharing this article.


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