Don’t we all love traveling to new places and learning new things? A trip gives us a sense of satisfaction and helps us explore ourselves. We get to know new things about ourselves. There are so many things on our to-do list while visiting a different state or country. One of those things is trying and relishing local delicacies. Every place has its own history and culture.
The famous dishes have a story of origin from a long time ago. If you don’t taste these your trip is incomplete.
Here we have listed famous local delicacies of some places. Have a look-


Delicious foods to try from different countries





1. Daal baati choorma in Rajasthan, India-

daal baati choorma

In India, people make their food with heart. Different states offer different food and you will be amazed by the variety. This delicacy is a mixture of sweet and salty.
The baatis are dripped in ghee are taste amazing. Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without eating this dish.
For sweet dish, you can try Petha from Agra.


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2. Croissant in Paris-



No one can make a croissant like a French. There are two varieties of it order the croissant au beurre don’t choose the ordinary one which is curved in shape as the first one is made from butter.
This is a great snack and not to be missed out if you are in the city.



3. Chicken Parmigiana in Australia-

chicken parmigiana


Though the dish originates from Italy, it has now become a staple dish in Australia with some modification. The ingredients and preparing process makes this dish stand out. A version of eggplant is also available for the vegetarians so no need to get disheartened.
The sauce is made up of tomato base and cheese and the dish is served with salad and chips.
For your sweet tooth, they have Lamingtons(also known as National Cakes of Australia).


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4. Turkish Delight in Turkey-

turkish delight


Also known as ‘lokum’.The sweet dish is famous throughout the world. It is based on a gel of starch and sugar and comes in many flavors like lemon, orange, rosewater, cinnamon etc. It also consists of dry fruits like hazelnut, walnut, dates, and pistachio.
It is a must try while visiting Turkey.



5. Deep dish pizza in Chicago-


deep dish pizza

As soon as we hear Chicago we automatically connect it to pizza. The pizza is baked in a round steel pan in a cake or pie pan and resembles a pie. It is loaded with cheese, chunks of tomatoes and sausages and is extremely filling.
A treat you must give to yourself if you are here.


6. Cheeseburgers and hot dogs in USA-



Hotdogs and Cheeseburgers are associated with New York since the 20th century. The hot dog is basically a sausage stuffed between slit buns topped with various sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. It comes with various toppings like onions, coleslaw, cheese, and olives. It is a staple and many vendors can be seen selling these throughout the city.

The cheeseburgers have a cheese slice, which is added to it during the cooking process over the meat patty. This allows the cheese to melt and is topped with toppings like onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon, and olives. The US is known for offering wide varieties of cheese like cheddar, swiss, mozzarella and pepper jack.


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7. Pelmeni in Russia-



Russian dumplings filled with various meat filling. Onions, garlic, pepper, and spices are also added to this filling. The vegetarian variation consists of mushrooms with spices which are equally tasty.

Fried Pelmeni is served with sour cream and herbs. It is sometimes also served with vinegar, mustard, and tomato ketchup.



8. Yorkshire pudding in England-


yorkshire pudding

The Yorkshire Pudding is made up of flour mixed with milk or water. The variation is made according to the toppings which range from onion gravy, mashed potato, vegetables or beef, and gravy. This dish is mainly the attraction of Sunday Roast.
This is worth trying when you are visiting here.

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9. Abgoosht in Iran-



Iranian cuisine is a combination of meat, vegetables, nuts, and rice. Their food is rich in flavors like saffron, fruits (permanganate, apricot, prunes, raisins. Cinnamon is widely used in Iranian cuisine.

Abgoosht, also known as Dizi is a stew. It is a mutton dish infused with chickpeas. Other vegetables like dry lime, beans, kidney beans are also added. It is a winter dish and is made almost in every household.



10. Seekh Kebab of Pakistan-


seekh kebab


Pakistan has a wide variety of food options to offer but the most famous is Seekh Kebab. It is a mixture of minced meat (lamb or chicken) with garlic and spices. This is then wrapped around skewers and cooked in tandoor. Tandoor gives is a little smokey and burnt flavor. People relish this throughout the country.
Sometimes these are served with a very thin bread called ‘Roomali Roti’.


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11. Boerewors in South Africa-




This dish is mainly eaten in Southern Africa. It is a meat sausage. This is mainly 90% meat (lamb, chicken, pork etc). This is derived from the Dutch words ‘boer’ meaning farmer and ‘wors’ meaning sausages. Boerewors is prepared by grilling the sausages on charcoal.


12. Paella in Spain-




The dish originally belonged to Valencia but got a new twist in the 19th century along the coast of Spain. It is a rice dish and has many variations like Valencian paella, Seafood paella, vegetable paella, and mixed paella. The dish is cooked in olive oil. This is considered to be the main food of Spain. The rice is cooked with meat or vegetables and is seasoned with rosemary and saffron. Snails are also an addition in this variety.

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13. Kimchi in Korea-




This is included almost with every meal by the Koreans. This can be served as a side dish as a salad or can be prepared by fermenting the vegetables. The main vegetables used are napa cabbage and Korean radishes. The Kimchi is prepared by seasoning with salt and red chili and is generally stored in a cool place.

Korea is also famous for a wide variety of seafood.



14. Feijoada in Brazil-




The name comes from feijao meaning beans. This is the national dish of Brazil. This is basically a stew of beans with beef and pork. The traditional way to prepare this dish is cooking it in a clay pot and usually, black beans are used in its preparation.
It is served with rice and sausages.
Also, pastel is a famous fast-food dish in which meat, cheese, and vegetables are filled in thin pastry envelopes and then deep fried.



15. Chilaquiles and tacos in Mexico-



Chilaquiles is the most widely eaten breakfast dish in Mexico. The tortillas are the base of this dish which is lightly fried and after that red or green salsa is poured over it. Then this is cooked till the tortillas soften. Sometimes the chicken is also added to the dish and in the end, it is garnished with avocado, onion rings, and crema. These are served with fried beans, eggs and guacamole as a side dish.
Tacos are made up of corn or wheat tortillas wrapped and stuffed with a filling of beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, and cheese. The dish is garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, onions, and chili pepper.

Don’t leave Mexico without trying these dishes.


Do let us know about the famous food of your country in the comment section below. We would love to try out everything.





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