For most of us, the idea of the perfect morning is sitting ideally in our balcony enjoying the picture-perfect view with our favourite cup of “coffee”. This very first cup gives us the time and energy to survive the hectic day with enthusiasm. Coffee is an essential part of our daily life, be it visiting coffee shops to beat the midweek blues or enjoying a casual day out with friends.

But sometimes we stand in the queue and wonder what is the basic difference between all the variants listed on the menu. This post is to clear that confusion. You will get to know your coffee and next time you order you know what you getting.  So here are some different kinds of coffee around the world. Take a look-


Different types of coffee



The first one in our list and also the first one to be listed in the menus of many coffee shops. In this hot water is shot through ground coffee beans at high pressure. This also acts as a base for many other coffee variants.



One shot of espresso and hot water is enough to make this variant. As the name suggests it is popular in America. It’s mainly consumed by soldiers to stay awake because this one is strong.


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Not to be confused with espresso. It is different, in this hot water is poured and two shots of espresso are added. It is also a strong coffee. It is different from americano as well in which ‘one’ shot espresso is added.

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Probably one of the most popular coffees. It consists of three layers- the first layer is espresso on which steamed milk is added. The topmost layer is of foamy milk. Extra flavor of chocolate powder is added for garnishing.



‘Latte’ in Italian means milk.This one is not on the bitter side hence a good option if you like coffee and want to avoid its bitterness. This consists of one shot of espresso and steamed milk is poured over it gently. The milk used here foamy in texture and very light.


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This is also a non-bitter version of coffee. It is more like a latte but the difference is that the chocolate syrup is added to it. Its consistency is also thick.



know your coffee
‘Sister of espresso, just a little fancy’ ?
A shot or two of espresso as the base topped with whipped cream. No milk or sugar is added to its preparation. It is strong yet gives you creamy texture because of whipped cream.



know your coffee
This falls into a slightly heavier side of the coffee version as the texture of milk is creamy, not foamy. Milk is mixed with espresso and your flat white is ready.

So this was it if you visit the coffee shop the next time you will be able to tell Different types of coffee Hope this article was useful, also tell us which is your all-time favourite coffee. So do you feel that you know your coffee? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Bhawna,

    Your content is a great reminder for coffee lovers because it helps them identify what type of coffee they taking into the system.
    I love coffee, and in fact, i just drank a cut about 20 mins ago. I was amazed while reading your post because I never knew the were so many coffee types in the maketplace. It is an eye opener for me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Timely Bhawana! 2 days ago I tried to understand how they name coffee here in New Zealand. Tall black, short white, LOL. I told the lady I am from New York and want a small coffee with cream. She said they had no cream. Which I thought meant no milk, wondering why they only serve black coffee. But they had milk, only I had to order a short white. Funny experience 🙂



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