Documentaries, this word has lots of meanings. Besides some people like it, some people do not so much. For me personally, I love documentaries. Don’t get me wrong I love all kinds of films, drama, rom-com, animation, action, fantasy and sometimes horror. 28 best documentaries you must watch in 2018 ahead in this post.

Documentaries can bring out the truth and help you understand an event in a very simple, interesting and, truthful way. If you don’t watch documentaries, you should really start watching them. I am sure you are gonna fell in love with this genre. Today we have compiled a list of over 28 amazing documentaries you must watch. So when you are sitting at home in this rainy season, instead of watching a tv show or an old movie. Why don’t you give one of these a try? So let’s get started. Most of these documentaries are available on Netflix, Prime and even on Youtube.


Amazing Documentaries You Must Watch




1 – Born Into Brothels

amazing documentary films

This beautiful masterpiece was directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman. This documentary highlights the life of children who were born in the red light area of Sonagachi, Calcutta.


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2 – The Story of India

amazing documentary to watch

It is a mini-series documenting the history of India. BBC has produced this documentary. It has six episodes, which makes it a perfect weekend watch


3 – Man On Wire

amazing documentary to watch on netflix

Man on Wire tells a perfect story of a determined man. Director James Marsh has created this amazing masterpiece. Everything is demonstrated delightfully, how Philippe Petit got passed the WTC security and achieve this illicit assignment in 1974. Philippe walked across the twin towers on a thin wire and performed stunts.


4 – Inside Job

inside job

We are all familiar with the 2008 financial crisis. There were only a handful of countries which didn’t face any issues. Inside Jobs sheds the light on the events that lead to the 2008 financial crisis. Matt Damon has narrated this documentary. It is available on Prime Videos and Netflix.


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5 – Grizzly Man

grizzly man, best documentary

Grizzly Man is a sad and heartbreaking story of Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard, bear activists. They lived with grizzly bears to learn and study about them. This documentary is available on YouTube.


6 – Iraq in Fragments

best documentary netflix

Iraq has a really sad story. From the USA invasion to ISIS formation, Iraq has gone through many things. This documentary shows the other side of the war-torn country. How everyday life is like in the country. If you really want to know what does it feel like to live in Iraq, you should definitely give this one a try.


7 – Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2

planet earth documentary

Both documentaries are cinematic masterpieces. BBC has produced both of them. These documentaries show the daily struggles of animals and wildlife.

Besides being a cinematic marvel, David Attenborough has narrated both documentaries in his soothing voice. Planet Earth is a standout amongst the most astounding documentaries at any point made, it took 40 camera groups 5 years to catch this awesome determination of this planet overflowing with life


8 – Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

This list won’t be complete without the inclusion of Cosmos: A personal voyage. It is the most watched documentary in this world. Astronomer Carl Sagan has narrated this documentary in his beautiful voice. There are 13 episodes which reveal the truth and theories about the universe.

Besides that, he also talks about Hindu cosmology, the human brain, UFO’s, black holes, wormholes and other nerdy stuff. This is one of the most exciting and highly recommended documentaries. You shouldn’t miss out on it. This documentary is available on Netflix.

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9 – The Union

Although Marijuana is considered a gateway drug, it is the most feel-good natural drug out there. In India, it has both religious and cultural values. This is a must-watch for both smokers and non-smokers. The Union will help you understand how this business runs. You will be surprised to see the unknown facts. I am sure, after watching this documentary you will not lose any debate related to it. The union is available on YouTube


10 – Food Inc.

food inc. best documentary

This documentary sheds light on how the food is processed and how the biggest players in the industry actually control everything. Although there are regulating authorities the ground reality is totally different. It is a must watch for everyone.


11 – Inside LSD

inside lsd

LSD was invented by the Albert Hoffman. Inside LSD shows the inception and ban of this drug. It was a really popular drug during the 60s and due to the increasing chaos regarding it. All the research and funding were cut. It was banned as an illegal substance. Could this drug be used to make you smart, or to cure anxiety and mental illness, we will never know.


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12 – Taxi to The Dark Side

taxi to the dark side

Taxi to the dark side is one of the harshest documentaries you will ever see. War on terror has become the biggest agenda to torture, kill and imprison innocent people around the world.

This documentary shows the tale of an Afghani taxi driver, who was abducted, tortured and murdered. It will show you the dark side of the story which no media will show.


13 – Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness 

Philosophy a guide to happiness

We, humans, are the most intelligent species in the known universe and what makes us unique? Thrust for knowledge, learning about new things, exploring new possibilities and reinventing things. Knowledge is something which gives us an understanding of everything that is happening around us. It helps us cope with the realities of life and this is what makes us human. Philosophy: A guide to happiness will fill you with newfound understanding about life. This documentary is divided into six parts.

  1. Socrates on Self-Confidence
  2. Epicurus on Happiness
  3. Seneca on Anger
  4. Montaigne on Self-Esteem
  5. Schopenhauer on Love 
  6. Nietzsche on Hardship.


14 – Triumph of the Will

triumph of the will must watch documentary

Propaganda: Information which may be biased or misleading and to promote the ideologies. This is the meaning of propaganda. Triumph of the will is the most powerful propaganda documentary film ever made.

It was produced by Hitler himself and was shown to over 700,000 Nazi sympathizers. It has documented the Nazi rally in Nuremberg, Germany. If modern history is something which interests you, this is a must watch documentary. Triumph of the will is available on YouTube: Here


15 – Waste Land

waste land

Waste created by humans is in immense quantity and the world’s biggest waste dump is located just outside of Rio de Janerio. Hundreds of people make living sorting through the garbage and salvaging which can be reused and sold. In the beautiful documentary, Vik Muniz creates art out of garbage and sell them for profit to help those workers.

Waste Land, not only sheds the light on the emerging problem but also teaches us a valuable lesson about recycling. This documentary has gotten so much praise and amazing reviews.


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16 – Citizenfour


You have heard the phrase that, government controls everything. After watching this documentary you will no longer have that suspicion. It exposes the harsh truth on how government agencies like NSA, CIA are watching you closely.

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How they can manipulate information and how they can even predict your next move. Citizenfour is the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden who leaked all the information. Not only he risked his career, he also risked his happy life in the US. Edward Snowden lives in Moscow. Citizenfour also won the academy award for the best documentary.


17 – Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro dreams of sushi

You may have seen many movies about motivation, hard work, and dedication but you have never seen any until you see Jiro Dreams of sushi. It is a true story of Sushi chef Jiro Ono, who perfected his craft with true dedication and persistence. He has this small shop in Tokyo which seats 10 people.

His restaurant has the advance booking for a whole year, so you can imagine the perfection he is serving. This documentary will teach you that, luck isn’t always the answer. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is available on Netflix.


18 – The Take


The Take is another great example of how non-violence can actually solve the problem and you can take on the force bigger than you. It is the story of unemployed workers in suburban Buenos Aires, Argentina. They occupy the factory from which they were laid off. They defended themselves with the help of slingshots. It is very powerful and beautiful documentary and a must watch.


19 – The Act of Killing 

the act of killing

The Act of Killing is one of the most haunting and brutal stories. In 1965 when the military coup changed everything in Indonesia. Millions of communist, Chinese and ethnic minorities were killed by the Death squad. This documentary shows the horror of that time. It also has interviews of the guys who were in the death squad.


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20 – Bowling for Columbine

bowling for columbine

Michael Moore is an amazing documentary film producer. He has produced some fine work over the years and most of his work is about the common issue with our society. This documentary is about the Columbine High School massacre which took place in 1999. 15 deaths and 21 non-fatal injuries.

Michael talks about NRA and gun control laws in America. From the house of Moore, this is among one of the most amazing documentaries you must watch.


21 – The Imposter 

the imposter

The Imposter is a story about a family claiming to have found their long lost son. It is a more like a thriller movie and you would be glued to your screen. As crazy as this may sound it is a real story which makes it even crazier.


21 – Art & Copy 

art & copy

If you are a creative person you will love this documentary. It is also a must watch for anyone who is in the creative field. It is a story of how industry-leading creative people come up with the idea. Like Nike’s “Just Do It”, Apple’s “Think Different” and many more. How these advertisers come up with these catchy slogans, graphics, ideas and new thinking and move millions of people around the world.


22 – Iceman

the iceman

If an individual put his/her mind into something, they can achieve anything in this world. Our mind is the most powerful asset we humans have. Iceman is the story of Wim Hof who has made his body resistant to cold. He can walk on Ice barefoot, he can bathe in sub-zero temperature water and cold doesn’t bother him.

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How did he manage to do that? This documentary will tell you. How a person can develop certain skills which aren’t easy to understand let alone explain. This is among the amazing documentaries you must watch.



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22 – O.J.: Made in America

o.j.made in america

This story shows the rise and fall of America’s beloved O.J. Simpson. He was on a trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and it became the national drama. Trail of O.J Simpson was telecast on the television. It is a must watch if you love courtroom dramas.


23 – The Island President

the island president

The Maldives is a honeymoon destination for many couples around the world. Beautiful beaches, lagoons, and breathtaking scenery aren’t what the Maldives is all about. There is a bigger story behind it, the whole island nation would be underwater if we don’t take global warming seriously.

It is the story of Mohammed Nasheed (President) who is fighting the war against global warming. It is the best political documentary you will see.


24 – Whores’ Glory 

whore's glory

Whores’ glory is 2011 documentary film exploring the life, struggle, hopes and reflection on society. Director Michael Glawogger goes on to explore the lives of individuals behind prostitution in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Mexico. It is a really powerful story which will leave you with sheer thoughts and deep thinking.


25 – Where to Invade Next?

where to invade next

Did you know that in Portugal all the drugs are legal and it is the only country in the world with the least drug-related crimes and deaths? If this fact sparks a curiosity then you would love what shocking daily practice and laws are there in the different countries. How some of the countries are doing things differently and making the world a better place. Where to Invade Next is yet another masterpiece from Direct Michael Moore. He goes from country to country learning about the things they are doing differently and what we can learn from them. Among the best documentaries, you must watch.


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26 – Bitter Lake

bitter lake

Bitter Lake is an experimental documentary from Adam Curtis who explores Afghanistan’s relationship with the US. How the politicians of the world would tell you anything to keep the chaos in place. It explores the dark and very true horrors of the war-torn Afganistan and Saudi Arabia’s role in all this. This story will get you in touch with the ground reality of the situation and how lies have been fed to us.


27 – The Secret Life of Chaos

the secret life of chaos

This documentary presented by Jim Al-Khalili explores the questions of how everything began? How a single dust particle goes on to become this universe? All these fascinated theories, questions, and their possible answers. It is one of the most fascinating documentaries ever made.


28 – Senna


Ayrton Senna Brazillian F1 racing driver who became the world champion three times. Documenting his career throughout the years. You will get to the grandmaster on a personal level, he is shy, humble, and dedicated. Not only this documentary teaches us a valuable lesson but also leaves us mourning. Senna is among the best amazing and most underrated documentaries you must watch in life.

So here you have it, our collection of amazing documentaries you must watch. Which of the documentaries have you already watched?


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