If you like drinking, then you ought to like drinking games. Especially if you’re locked up at home with your partner, there needs to be some sort of drinking game. You can have good music, deep conversations, dancing lights, and lots of other stuff. But nothing makes it cooler than drinking games.

We’re listing 20 drinking games for couples that will make your quarantine naughty and nice:

Drinking Games for Couples

Partner Quiz

This two-player drinking game is quite popular. You and your partner sit together. Then turn by turn, you’ll ask questions from your partner about you. For every wrong answer, they need to take a sip.

Straight Face

In this game, you write different, absurd sentences on pieces of paper. You need to make sure that whatever you’re writing is hilarious. You put all the chits in a bowl or a box and turn by turn pick one. The goal is to keep a straight face while reading the chit. If any of you reacts, by laughing, smiling, or even making a sound, you need to take a shot.


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Drunken Artist

In this game, you play Pictionary with your partner with a twist. The one drawing needs to take a shot after 20 seconds until your partner guesses the picture correctly. Your partner might trick you into drinking more by acting dumb. But if you finish the drawing and your partner is still not able to guess it then you both take a shot together and switch positions. It is one of the easiest drinking games for couples.

Battle Shots

In this game, you draw a 7×7 grid on a piece of paper labeling the columns alphabetically and rows numerically. That way each box has a letter-number designation. Place your “boats” by marking Xs along the grid: three “X” s for the battleship, two “X” s for the destroyer, and one “X” for the submarine. Each “X” represents one shot. Take turns guessing where your opponents “battle shots” are. Every time someone “hits” an X, take one shot. You win by sinking all of your opponent’s “battle shots.” The loser must then drink all the remaining shots.

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Higher or Lower

In this game, all you need is a deck of cards and alcohol. Firstly, you need to guess if the card is red or black. If you are correct, then you move to the next card-guessing if it is higher or lower than the previous card. If you guess both of them correctly, you alternate turns. If you guess the color wrong, you take one shot. If you guess higher or lower wrong, you take two shots.

Going To The Bar

The game begins when you or your partner utter the phrase, “I’m going to the bar to get…” Let’s say they pick “a shot of tequila.” The other person continues with the same line, but they’re going to append another drink to the list. For example, “I’m going to the bar to get a shot of tequila and a martini.” This continues on and on until someone makes a mistake or repeats a drink. For every mistake or repetition, you take a shot.

True or False Storytime

In this game, you and your partner write various nouns on pieces of paper. You put all those chits in a bowl or box. When it’s your turn, you pick up the paper and tell a story related to that noun. The other person has to guess if that story is true or false. If they’re right, you take a shot. Otherwise, they take a shot.

Simon Says

This Simon says is with a twist. You have to tell them to do something by saying, “Simon says…”. If they act without hearing Simon Says they have to take a drink.

Rapid Fire

This will be like a normal rapid-fire, just that you will be asking questions about yourself to test your partner. You need to give your partner 10 seconds for every answer. After every three wrong answers, your partner needs to take a shot.

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Russian Roulette

In this game, take shot glasses and fill them all except one with water. The one empty shot glass should be filled with vodka. You and your partner need to take shots turn by turn. Whoever gets the shot with alcohol will perform a dare. You can also increase the number of alcohol shot glasses after every round.

Two Truths and One Lie

In this game, both you and your partner tell each other three facts out of which two are true and one is false. Either of you has to guess which one is false. If you guess it correctly, your partner takes a shot. Otherwise, you take a shot.

Never Have I Ever

This is one of the oldest couples’ drinking games. The game begins with either one of you saying something wild that you’ve never done. For example, “never have I ever made out with someone at a wedding from the wedding party’. If your partner has done it, they’ll take a shot. Take turns to say things. And if you haven’t done something that your partner has then you can ask them to show you how they did it. That can add some extra spice to the game.

Truth or Dare

This is one of the most popular drinking games for couples. Another age-old drinking game for two is truth and dare. Turn by turn, ask the truth about each other. If the other person doesn’t want to answer, they need to take a shot. Similarly, give each other a dare. If the person doesn’t want to do it, take a shot.

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Dare Beer Pong

You all must have a played beer pong, but this one has a twist. Both you and your partner arrange your beer glasses in triangles. Below every glass is a dare. So now, apart from drinking beer, you’ll have to perform a dare.

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Drunk Jenga

In this game, you write dares on the 54 Jenga blocks. You play normal Jenga by pulling out the blocks. But you’ll have to perform the dare written on the block that you pull out. Also, if any of you makes the stack fall, you’ll have to take a shot.

Flip Cup

In this game, you stand opposite to each other with a table in the middle and keep the cups having the drinks on the edge. Either of you has to finish the drinks and flip the cup to upside down.


Another oldest drinking game for two people. In this game, you start counting out loud turn by turn but instead of saying 5 and its multiples, you say ‘buzz’. The one who messes up takes a shot.

Bite the Bag

This game is similar to Dog and the Bone. In this one, you keep a paper bag in the middle and have to pick it up with your mouth. If you can’t pick the bag, you have to drink. As each round goes on, an inch of the bag is chopped.

Drunken Snakes and Ladders

This will be like the usual Snakes and Ladders board game. The only twist will be that every time any of you gets bit by the snake, you take a shot. If you climb a ladder, you take two shots.

Go Fish

If you’ve ever played Go fish, you’ll know how to play this. It’s the same as go fish with an appended step in between. If you ask for a card and the other person doesn’t have it, you take a sip of your drink. If you ask for a card and the other person has it, they give you the card and take a sip of their drink. When someone makes a set of 4, the other person has to finish their drink.

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