TV is the best way to fill those free time gaps in our life and it has so much to offer. When we start watching a series or any movie we start relating to its characters and they become a part of our daily life. There are many heartwarming moments in the show but also there are many heartbreaking moments. Especially those involving the death of one of your favorite characters. You are left with eyes wide open and your hands are on your mouth in disbelieve, analyzing what just happened on the screen in front of you. You curse the makers of the show and continue watching after the feeling sinks in.

In this post, we have compiled a list of such heartbreaking deaths from various TV shows and movies. Have a look.

Fictional Deaths That Broke Our Hearts


P.S- This post might contain spoilers if you haven’t watched any particular show yet.



Ned Stark-ned stark

Game of Throne is one of the best-rated shows due to its amazing storyline, action and a huge fan following. Whenever a person starts watching this show he/she is bound to like the noble ‘Eddard Stark’. He tries to do everything right and stands up for what he believes in. You will pity the one who says that ‘I bet he will be the king of The Seven Kingdoms’.

It is the first heartbreaking death of this TV show and till the last moment when he is to be beheaded in front of the people, you keep thinking that a miracle will happen and he will escape. The worst part is when both his daughters are there to witness this cruelty. This scene almost made me cry.



Hank Schrader-hank schrader


The true hero of The Breaking Bad series who lived by his principles and did not spare anybody who does something wrong, be it his own Brother-in-law. The point where he looks Walter in the eye when he asks him to agree to whatever the other person asks him to do to save himself from getting killed gets to me every time. He knows that his end is here but he died with his pride. Many people die in the show but his death is the most heartbreaking one. It is among the painful fictional deaths that broke our hearts.


Gwen Stacy-

gwen stacy


The girlfriend of our Spiderman who just wants to be with him and support him because she truly loves him. After being manipulated by Peter who keeps calling shots to not be in a relationship with her for her own safety. The problem happens when they both finally give in and decide to be together. He tries to save her while fighting with the Green Goblin but one of his web breaks and she falls to death from a height.

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The most heartbreaking scene.



Deborah Morgan-

deborah morgan


The sister of Dexter Morgan who was eventually killed by him when there was no hope for her and was declared brain dead by the doctors. He doesn’t want his sister to suffer another second and pulls the plug of the life support system. Her death impacted him the most and also made the viewers emotional.



Fred Weasley-

fred weasley


In the Harry Potter series, these two mischievous brothers are always playing pranks and live their life to the fullest and do everything together. Many characters die in the series trying to fight the evil death eaters and Voldemort. But the death of Fred Weasley was the most hard-hitting one.

It is said that George was never able to produce a Patronus charm again in his life as all his happy memories including Fred.


Walter White-

walter white


The starting of the show was based on the fact that this docile man had lung cancer and was counting his days to live. He wants to leave good money for his family and did some horrible things. We were all prepared for his death from Season 1 but somehow it gets to us when he dies after making things right. It was sad that his own family started hating him and wanted him to die.




Little did we know in the starting of the show that our Hodor would prove to be a hero. He said nothing other than the word ‘Hodor’. In later seasons when idiot Ben doesn’t listen to the three-eyed raven and gets spotted by the white walkers, he puts everyone else in the danger. Many people are killed due to his stupidity including Hodor. He dies “holding the door” so that no white walkers catch Bran and they would get some head start. True hero!




Rita Morgan-

rita morgan


Why does it happen when the lead character tries to make everything right, things go haywire and everything falls apart. Same is the case with Dexter Morgan. The time he decides to stop being a serial killer and start a new life with his wife and family, he arrives home to find her body in a pool of blood and his son wailing and weeping sitting by her.

A heartbreaking scene from the show.




Sweet and beautiful aunt of Elena Gilbert. After the death of Elena’s parents, she is the one who takes care of her and Jeremy. She dies an innocent death in a hideous way. She is a newborn vampire who is trying to figure things out. As she gets what is happening around her she is killed by Klaus right in front of Elena. I think she deserved a better ending.

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Barbara Holland-barbara


Barbara was a friend of Nancy and was killed by the monster roaming around the town. She had gone missing from the party and was nowhere to be found. That’s when Nancy and Jonathan decide to go out searching for her. In later episodes, it was found she has been long killed by the monster who was feeding on her. Later she was given a proper funeral. This was even painful to look at.




Scott is a loved character from the Beverly Hills 90210. He is a teen who lives in his own world and cares about his friends. He likes to socialize an party. He dies accidentally while playing with a real gun when he shoots himself. He is stopped by his friend David, but he keeps playing eventually killing himself off. In later episodes, David is shown emotionally traumatized after watching his friend die right in front of him.







Augustus became our favorite after watching the movie Fault in Our Stars with his fun-loving nature and the way he makes Hazel fall in love with him. She was suffering from cancer and he helps her feel what love is. He dies after finding out that he was suffering from cancer. The worst part is when he cries and doesn’t wanna die. His funeral is also the most emotional scene in the movie where he does something very special for Hazel, makes us love him even more.





Robb Stark-robb stark


After the death of his father Ned Stark, he decides to avenge the death of his father. He does everything right and proves to be a good king. But his one mistake changes everything for his family. In the famous episode of ‘The Red Wedding,’ he is tricked by the Frays and is killed along with his pregnant wife. Catelyn Stark who also portrays a strong character also dies along with her son and the scene is really heartbreaking and you just sit in disbelief of what just happened.


Dolores Landingham-Dolores


The strong lady of The West Wing portrays secretary of the President of The United States. She is a lady of respect in the show and is killed by a drunk driver while she is on her way to show the President a new car she just bought. Her death affects the President deeply in the show.



Severus Snape-severus snape


At the starting of The Harry Potter series, he was probably one of the most hated characters. He was never warm towards Harry and had some dark history. He was hated by Harry as he always despised his father due to things he had done with him. But in the last part of The Deathly Hollows, his true intentions are revealed and all of us got to see his hidden side. How he never stopped loving Lily and would do anything to protect her son.

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A sad scene, amongst many deaths he was the one which made us see love differently.


Shireen Baratheon-shireen baratheon


Game of Thrones is a show which has the maximum number of unexpected and painful deaths. I can make a whole post dedicated solely to this show for this purpose. Shireen Baratheon is the daughter of Stannis Baratheon. Her mother hates her and her father is also not a big fan of his daughter. She is burnt alive in front of his own army after Melisandre tells Stannis that this is the only way to win Seven Kingdoms back. You just keep wondering how a father can do this to his own child. No wonder his army deserts him after this incident.



Elizabeth Forbes-elizabeth forbes


In the Vampire Diaries, there are very few characters which die a natural death thanx to all the supernatural beings present in the Mystic Falls. She plays a Sheriff in the show and is really good at what she does. She dies due to some ailment and is looked after by her daughter Caroline and Damon in her final days. Her death was really not necessary and we were kind of hoping that she recovers.



Lucy Knights-lucy


In TV there is something about hospitals. How hospitals are not the safest place to be. When Lucy Knights died after a horrible stabbing incident. It was very painful to watch when injured Carter watched her bleed to death. This was very painful to look at and made our heart ache a little.






The show is based around deaths so it is not surprising to watch someone gets murdered. But Mika was an exception. She escapes many walker attacks but dies at the hands of her own sister Lizzie. She was a child after all and it was really heartbreaking to watch her die like that.



Amber Volakis-amber

It was one of the highest rated episodes of House MD series. People knew that someone is going to die, it was later found that she was dying. There was no way to save her and she had no illness or anything but she died in the end as she was on life support.

The most heartbreaking scene was when Wilson shuts the life support as he holds Amber close. This scene would surely make you cry. This was one of the most painful fictional deaths that broke our hearts.



So what do you think of the post “fictional deaths that broke our hearts“, did we miss anything. Do let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Bhawna,

    I just have gone through with all the different episode scenes you mentioned here and I would like to tell you that I also witnessed the vampire diary scene where Elena’s aunt got killed by Klaus and at that point, I also got emotional and knew that she felt helpless and I wished that she could be saved by any means.

    • Hi Himanshu
      Yes the show was so messed up and there were many deaths but they bring people back anyway so it makes up to me.
      If you want to see real unexpected deaths try watching Game of Thrones.
      Thanx for stopping by 🙂


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