When we have an adventure in the forest, there is nothing that surpasses. The movies that are set in forests, and the adventures that take place there, as well as other intriguing aspects, entice viewers to keep watching. We have some outstanding forest adventure movies list with us, whether it’s huge dinosaurs, ferocious anacondas, or usual forest crime. So, if you’re a fanatic of forest adventures like we are, have a look at the forest adventure movies below, grab a popcorn bucket, and get started.


8 Amazing Forest Adventure Movies List


Jurassic Park (1993)

forest adventure movies list

IMDb – 8.2

Genre – Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

Directed by – Steven Spielberg

Cast – Sam Neill
– Laura Dern
– Jeff Goldblum
– Richard Attenborough
– Bob Peck
– Martin Ferrero
– BD Wong
– Samuel L. Jackson

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – The film Jurassic Park, released in 1993, was unlike anything else in Hollywood. Dinosaurs had never looked so beautiful or realistic on the big screen before 1993.

Scientists have cloned dinosaurs and are ready to create an entertainment park where visitors can see them. John Hammond, the park’s creator, invites a group of guests, including his grandchildren, to visit the dinosaurs and relax at the park. Could something go wrong? It doesn’t appear to be going wrong at the moment, but something else is going on.



The Revenant (2015)

forest adventure movies list

IMDb – 8

Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama

Directed by – Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Cast – Leonardo DiCaprio
– Tom Hardy
– Domhnall Gleeson
– Will Poulter

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Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list The Revenant is a remarkable film about survival and adventure set during a bleak season in North America. Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a rugged frontiersman who, along with a crew of beaver fur trappers, will face awful forces of nature and hostile Indians while pursuing their trade in the harshness of the environment.



Apocalypto (2006)

IMDb – 7.8

Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama

Directed by – Mel Gibson

Cast – Rudy Youngblood
– Raoul Trujillo
– Mayra Sérbulo
– Dalia Hernández
– Jonathan Brewer
– Gerardo Taracena

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list In a beautiful cinematic masterpiece that depicts the paranoia and control propagated through society today, the lives of a jungle-dwelling tribe are ripped apart, destroyed, and scattered. This movie is so underrated. The suspense is real and so entertaining throughout.



Avatar (2009)

IMDb – 7.8

Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Directed by – James Cameron

Cast – Sam Worthington
– Zoe Saldana
– Stephen Lang
– Michelle Rodriguez
– Sigourney Weaver

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – Avatar portrays the account of Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine who takes his brother’s place on a secret mission to infiltrate the Na’ vi, a colony of creatures on the planet Pandora where there is a valuable resource that sells for a crazy price. Jake’s feelings and learnings will put him and the people he trusts in danger as he learns the ways of the Na’ vi.

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The Jungle Book (2016)

IMDb – 7.4

Genre – Adventure, Drama, Family

Directed by – Jon Favreau

Cast – Bill Murray
– Ben Kingsley
– Idris Elba
– Lupita Nyong’o
– Scarlett Johansson
– Giancarlo Esposito
– Christopher Walken
– Neel Sethi

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – We commonly refer to this film as a children’s film, although adults usually like it just as much. This film is both basic and delightful. It portrays how much the animals in the jungle love and care for a human child, as well as their fight for the boy.



King Kong (2005)

IMDb – 7.2

Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama

Directed by – Peter Jackson

Cast – Naomi Watts
– Jack Black
– Adrien Brody
– Thomas Kretschmann
– Colin Hanks
– Jamie Bell
– Andy Serkis

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – The film’s primary appeal is the convincing emotional bond that develops between Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) and the computerized avatar of KING KONG himself. The most strange aspect of this connection is the apparent role reversal between Ms. Darrow and King Kong.



The Suicide Squad (2021)

IMDb – 7.2

Genre – Action, Adventure, Comedy

Directed by – James Gunn

Cast – Margot Robbie
– Idris Elba
– John Cena
– Joel Kinnaman
– Sylvester Stallone
– Viola Davis
– Jai Courtney
– Peter Capaldi

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – The plot continues to follow the same pattern. The duty of saving the day was handed to convicted criminals with unique abilities. There are more characters introduced this time than previously. Margot Robbie proved that she is the best Harley Quinn portrayer for the third time. If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), you’ll understand the artwork and vibe.

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Jumanji (1995)

IMDb – 7

Genre – Adventure, Comedy, Family

Directed by – Joe Johnston

Cast – Robin Williams
– Bonnie Hunt
– Kirsten Dunst
– Jonathan Hyde
– David Alan Grier

Why is it added to the forest adventure movies list – Jumanji, based on the children’s book, is a fantastic family film from 1995. The plot of the story involves a young boy named Alan Parrish who in the 1960s finds a supernatural board game, that was buried underground in the 1800s. Alan is immediately engrossed in the game, and Sarah, a girl who lives nearby, joins in as well.



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