We watch shows and series to entertain ourselves and for that pinch of relief from our boring life. Many shows come and go and some are successful in entertaining us but some take a permanent space in our hearts. Friends is that show which aired years ago but still considered as a benchmark for all the comedy show till now. The fan following this show has is crazy. There is Friends would you rather poll to take you to that show you like.

All the actors became super famous after this show aired. We all have fantasised about living in Monica’s apartment or getting to taste the very famous sandwiches of Joey at one point or another.

The actors also got really famous and their life changed for good. They started getting good movie offers and are still fan-favourites.

This Friends Would you rather poll will give you that chance to choose, at least virtually. Don’t mistake this to be an easy would you rather poll this will require you to make some difficult choices but you are definitely going to have some fun while in the process. So, go ahead and enjoy.

15 Times When Joey Tribbiani Proved He Was A Great Guy


Fun Fact: Jennifer started getting many movie offers due to which last season had only 18 episodes.

Also, do let us know if you want us to do a post on your favourite TV show’s fun facts in the comment section below.

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