We all love hanging out with our friends once in a while and enjoy a little booze. This little turns to blackout sometimes but it is fun. After a point, we all get bored and want to break the monotony and try something new for fun. The solution to this problem is playing a drinking game. these games keep the conversation intact and open new doors to new conversations. you can easily enjoy these games while you are having a party or watching a match. But nobody wants the drinking game to be boring, right? I have made a list of some popular drinking games and some new ones for you to try at your next get together. Have a look and bookmark this post before you dive in and forget your next game.

13 Awesome and Fun Drinking Games


1. The Blink and you drink-


The rules are very simple, two people sit in front of each other staring in each others eyes. All others have to guess who would blink first and choose sides and stand behind the person they think will win. The person who blinks the eyes first and all those who support him have to drink. Keep changing the people, keep choosing sides and keep drinking.

2. The never have I ever-


Probably one of the most famous drinking games of all times. Many movies have shown this game and the rules are also quite simple. Everyone keeps theirdrink handy and other people turn by turn say 1 thing they have doen. If you have done that too then you have to  take a sip from your glass otherwise not. A good drinking game and also lets you know some of the secrets of your friends.

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3.  Drink on Six-


As the IPL is coming this game can be played very easily while watching the match. On a game night this is the perfect drinking game to play. Whenever any team hits a six chug your drink. Simple,right? Want to drink more often then drink when the opposite team loses a wicket.

4. Drink in truth and dare game-


Simplest drinking game. Whenever someone asks for truth instead of dare then everyone sitting there has to chug their drink. This is the most played game in a group and converting it to a drinking game would make it more interesting.

5. Bingo-


Remember the game where we used to write the numbers 1-25 in the random manner in a square box of 5*5. How about converting it to a drinking game. Many people can play this game and whenever someone shouts BINGO then the rest have to chug their glass. Interesting, right?

6. Flip the cup-


You need to make two teams to play this game. Both teams stand on the opposite sides of the table. Keep your cup filled with drink at the edge of the table. Drink your beer and flip your cup with your fingers and try to get it into upside-down position. The first team to complete this wins.

7. Heads or Tails flip-


If you are few people then this is the best game to play. Get a coin and choose your side. Either heads or tails. If you win then don’t drink and if you lose then drink your beer. Perfect game if you want to get drunk soon.

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8. Buzz Buzz-


Simplest drinking game probably. This is even more fun when all of you start getting little bit tipsy. Each player starts counting a number except 7 and its multiple and say it out loud. If so you say the number 7 and its multiple you say BUZZ and you drink.

9. Most Likely to-


Get your friends to sit in a circle and start asking embarrassing and funny questions one by one. For eg- ‘who is most likely to fart in public and blame it on someone else?’. After you ask a question everyone points at someone who is most likely to do that thing. The person who has the highest number of fingers pointed at him/her drinks the number of shots equal to the number of fingers pointed at him/her.

10. Keep a Straight face-


Play this game when everyone is a little tipsy and in a good mood. Pick up a bowl and write funny sentences on a piece of paper and put that in the bowl. Each person picks up a chit at random and reads it while keeping a straight face. If he giggles then he has to drink.

11. Medusa-


Another popular drinking game which is quite simple to play as it doesn’t involve any rules as such. All of the players sit in a circle and look down to the count of 3. When they look up they look at someone sitting with them. If you are looking at someone who is not looking at you at the same time then you are safe. If 2 people are looking at each other at the same time then they have to gallop down a shot after shouting MEDUSA.

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12. The giggling game-


This game is also quite simple. No one can show their teeth for a set time. It gets funny when you look at each other and start laughing without any reason. Best played when tipsy. No matter how you control your laughter you are not supposed to show your teeth and can’t use your hands to hide your mouth. The person who shows his/her teeth has to drink. Quite simple, right?

13. Say my name-


Everybody has played ATLAS in childhood right, where you name a country ending with the alphabet of the name of previous country. Well it is similar, instead of the name of the country you say the name of the movie or any celebrity within 30 seconds. If you fail to answer then you have to chug you beer.


  1. Hey Bhawna,

    Hope you are doing well!

    All these variations sound interesting and surely I am gonna try all of these with my friends specially The gigling game :p. Well I have gone through with all the games and hopefully will try all.

    Thankyou for writing.


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