Every city name is it in the USA or anywhere has significance. While some cities and towns are named after a significant river, mountain, or even jungle, others are named after people who may have found or commanded the area in the past. Whatever the name, there’s always a reasonable reason behind it. But, assuming that’s the case, how did the following cities come up with such bizarre and amusing names?

Read down to see some of the most funny city names in the USA, as well as how they came to be, that will make you go “What on earth is this name?”

15 Most Funny City Names In the USA



funny city names in usa

State – Oregon

County – Clackamas

Population – 7,762



State – Arizona

County – Maricopa

Population – 3,690

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State – Maryland

County – Garrett

Population – 338



Bat Cave

State – North Carolina

County – Henderson

Population – not explicitly recorded

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State – Virginia

County – Pittsylvania

Population – 1,304




State – South Carolina

County – Florence

Population – 752



State – Texas

County – Parker

Population – 157


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State – Oklahoma

County – Texas

Population – 1,918



Atomic City

State – Idaho

County – Bingham

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Population – 41



Bitter End

State – Tennessee

County – Carter

Population – not explicitly recorded



Center of the World

State – Ohio

County – Trumbull

Population – not explicitly recorded




State – Texas

County – Harrison

Population – 94




State – Washington

County – Skagit

Population – 705




State – Virginia

County – Grayson

Population – 484




State – Alaska

County – Southeast Fairbanks

Population – 12

So here you have it, the list of most funny city names in the USA. Tell us in the comments section which one did you find the funniest?


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