Funny If you think about the search for some user feedback or answers online what comes to mind? You must be thinking about Quora. Well, there is another website which is just as good if not worse and that is Reddit. I have been using Reddit for the past one year and so far it is among the best. You would answer, discussion, news, memes, videos, advice and so much more on Reddit.

If you don’t already know as we have topics on Quora, just like that we have subreddit on Reddit. Subreddit is like a community for a particular topic and you can subscribe to that. There are subreddits about all the things you could imagine. Poetry, arts, photography, gadgets, android, relationship advice, memes, gifs, videos on a particular topic you name it. Everything is available on Reddit. In this article, we have put together Most funny & entertaining subreddits you should subscribe to. Not only they are funny but the quality of content is way better than you would find on Instagram. So here you have it.

Most Funny, Entertaining, and Cute Subreddits You Should Subscribe To




As the name suggests WTF. Collection of all the things on the internet which will make you go what the F***. Most of the time you would find some hilarious and funny things.



Nothing is better than a shot that was taken at the perfect moment. In this subreddit, you would find that exact moment after what everything went haywire.



9Gag is the most followed meme page of Instagram. Most of the content they post can be found on this subreddit. It is filled with funny videos, memes, gifs and much more. Really helpful when you want to cheer yourself up.



Here you would only find funny gifs of viral things on the internet. From cat videos to epic fail, it has got everything you could ask you. LOL is something you would be doing once you subscribe to the subreddit. Must follow.



As the name suggests, it has the collection of videos, gifs, and images of funny things going to Russia.  PewDiePie has created a whole different segment on his channel ‘You Slav You Lose‘. He reviews the meme from this subreddit.

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I think I don’t need to explain this. No context, you should check the page to see what is really going on. I am sure you would love it.



Interesting collection of pics and videos that includes amazing photographs, arts, perfect timing.



Memes are all well and good but sometimes they end up hurting. On this subreddit, you will find meaningful close to life memes.


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Perhaps the most followed subreddit on the website. Here you find the amazing question and the answer which will make you laugh, think and sometimes evaluate your choices. I am a big fan of this subreddit and the quality of questions is really amazing. You should definitely check this out.



Are you into landscapes, jungles, mountains and photography in general? Then you would love this subreddit. Filled with amazing landscapes shots from around the world.



This isn’t Super Bowl it is ‘Superb Owl’. If you love this creature then you should follow this page.



If you love those photoshop memes then you would love this page.


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Cringe or social awkwardness. Well, this is something people find hilarious. You will find the collection of cringy videos, gifs, and images which are sure to make you laugh.




You will not find videos or gifs here but text about true stories. People share there experience encountering people you wouldn’t want to meet in real life.



Shower thoughts, thinking about the stuff that only occurs during your time in the shower. Very interesting post on the subreddit. It is surely a good pass time when you have nothing else to do.



If you don’t know what this means, you are probably living under a rock. Collection of all the amazing hold my beer compilation available on the internet. Most of the time it ends up to become legendary and sometimes it is just plain awkward and cringy.

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Sometimes when we go through our old pics, we think to ourself ‘this is how I used to look’? This subreddit curates all the pics of the blunder years of people around the internet. Very cringy and very very funny.



Are you one of those people who likes cat videos or animal videos, then you would want to subscribe to this. You would go aww on all the content you would find here. A light hearted and happy content.



A subreddit dedicated to all the moments that would make you think about the sheer stupidity of the people. Very entertaining and very funny.



Just like it is oddly satisfying, the other half is not that satisfying. Here you would find all that things that would make you say, you had one job. Very hilarious.



Using the historic images to convert them into memes. This is what this subreddit is all about. There is a lot of funny stuff on this subreddit.



Vandalism is not a good thing but sometimes it could be funny. For all such times, there is MildyVandalised. Very Funny.



Animal + Meme is equally to the fun. If that is what you are looking for then this subreddit is for you.



Well, this isn’t like any other meme page. This is the collection of all the meme that were intended to be funny but ended up becoming awkward.



As the name suggests, this subreddit contains all the famous memes online. All the famous meme trends start from this subreddit only which in itself is a big thing.


You don’t have to take the name literally. This subreddit is among the most fun and happening places to be on Reddit. Filled with cute and aww pics and gifs from all over the world. This will bring a new angel of fun in your feed. We highly recommend subscribing this subreddit.

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Yet another Funniest & Entertaining Subreddits to follow is animals being confused. As you have guessed it, this subreddit has all the cute footage of animals being confused.

You have cats, dogs, birds, and other animals on this list. Most of them are cute and you would go aww after watching any of the submission.
You must subscribe to this one.


This is a different kind of subreddit. It has all the entries from when your pet or an animal is being a jerk. It has footage of a moose chasing a man, a dog sitting on a cat or a cat scratching and biting its owner.
If you are concerned about the quality, fear not all of the submission are PG and not violent. You could say it is the funny side of Reddit when someone is being a jerk.



Yet another subreddit dedicated towards animals is Animals being bros. This is one of those sections of subreddit which will make you go awwww that’s so cool.

Refreshing side of owning a pet and they are coming to help, rescue and save the day.



It comes under one of the most sarcastic page on the Reddit. You will find some of the cutest and most funny gifs on the internet with hilarious titles. You have to see it to believe, but it is one of the most entertaining subreddit out there.



As the name suggests it is not an ordinary level, these are the next level of gifs and videos available on the internet and Reddit. One might say they have hint of motivation in them. With over 1M subscribers it is one of the most popular subreddit on the website.


Funniest, Entertaining, & Cute Subreddits

So here you have it. Funniest and cute Subreddits You Should Subscribe To. Did we miss anything? Is there any other subreddits you are subscribed to and want us to include in the list. Do let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Bhawna,

    You have done great. Did you know that I had know idea that there are up to 25 Subreddits on the internet? Yes,I had no idea but, thanks to you. Now I can see clearly. The fun part is that they all have amazing features.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Moss
      Yes, I also started using it a few months back and got to know that it is really fun. I am glad that you like the post, thank you

      Subscribe to these for fun and have a good one 🙂


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