The first episode of Season 8 was aired on Monday and the whole world was super excited. The first Season aired in 2011 and from ten so much has changed. The characters that we thought needed pity have come a long way and many masterminds have died over the 7 seasons. The storyline has developed and so have the cast in terms of their looks. We have taken all the characters which have survived from Season 1 to Season 7 of how they used to look back then and how they look now.


Game Of Thrones Character Then Vs Now


Game Of Thrones Character Then Vs Now


Cersie Lannister


Tyrion Lannister then vs now


Daenerys Targaryen Then VS NOW


Sansa Stark Then Vs Now





Arya Stark Then Vs Now


jon snow then vs now


bran stark then vs now


Theon Greyjoy Then vs Now


Samwell Tarly


Dragons then vs now


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