If you are reading this in the office then shame on you. Shouldn’t you be working or doing something productive in the office? You know, fun activities like spreadsheets, photocopying, and email. Well okay. Those things aren’t really fun. So these are a few fun games that you and your co-workers can play without an internet connection. There are slack and mobile games too that’ll be goofy and fun.


Awesome Games to play in office to kick the boredom away

1. The Invisible String

Stupid Yet Entertaining Games to Play in the Office Whilst Your Boss Isn't Looking Office Games Invisible String Crawl 670x335

This game is very simple. Choose two points in your office, preferably the most crowded ones to enjoy the most and draw an invisible line across the area. It is then up to you and the other players on how to avoid crossing that line. You can jump over it or duck your way through the line but the silver lining remains that no one touches it. The more the people in this game, the more fun it is.

2. Blue Tack Movies

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Blue Tack can be easily found in any office in plentiful supply. It can be creatively used to play the Blu Tack movie game. Grab some tack and mold it into a clue that stands for the name or the character in a movie. Let your co-workers figure out the movie and you get a point if they do.  Bonus points for artistic merit.

3. Off-Ground Tag

fun office games

This is just as childish and outrageous as the invisible line game. In this game, the idea is to not touch the office floor at all. One must use their brains and work together in order to keep their feet off the ground. The office wheelchair will be your legs for the day. No cheating when no one is looking. The fun is in catching your workmates put their feet to the ground and giving them penalties.

4. Photoshop Tennis

Don’t worry, it is not necessary that you have Photoshop on your computer. Any photo editing software will do. The first person will start to draw a picture and the subsequent players will add on to that picture until it comes back to the first person. Trust me, the results are going to be hilarious. This game will test the creativity of your co-workers. Try to figure out who did what and you will all have a good laugh for days.

5. Telegambling

games to play in office

Gather the people who like wager and play Telegambling. You have to choose a victim, one that is not present in the room and whose extension you know. The others will then place a bet on whether the victim will pick up the phone. The winners share the pot equally and the losers will be left empty-handed. You will have a change for the coffee machine this way.

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6. Rock-Paper-Scissors

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This is a game that we have all played in our childhood. You can also play the extended version from the TV show The Big Bang Theory – Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. Challenge and beat your co-workers at this small game for fast fun. It sounds like an old school but probably one of the best games to play in office.

7. Tic-Tac-Toe

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If it didn’t work out for you in Rock-Paper-Scissors then try your luck in Tic-Tac-Toe. It is easy to play and doesn’t require much resources. Play this strategic game of X’s and O’s with your pal in the next cubicle. You can also play it on your phones.

8. GameMonk

This is a good option for Slack as you can play three different games. You have to name as many items as you can of the category given in 60 seconds. Each correct answer wins a point. In Giphy, you must guess the hashtag related to the GIF and category you see. In trivia, you will have to guess the correct answer from four choices. Check the final scores to see who won.

9. Fool the Tattletales

You prefer to play games when your boss isn’t around. But there are a few co-workers who love to be tattletales. These games will let you fool those nosey co-workers while you have your own fun. Create a situation in which you pretend to break the rules of the office and when the tattletales try to blame you, you can just make fun of them.

10. Deceiving Games

If your desk in a corner or a spot where people cannot see your computer screen, then go to CantYouSeeImBusy and play games there. It will look like you’re working when actually you’ll just be playing games by mimicking business applications.

11. Dumb Charades

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Again a game that you all are familiar with. If your boss is gone for long enough, then you can play this game. For those who do not know this game, there will be two teams and each team will give the other team a movie that they will have to explain it to their fellow teammates using hand gestures. Keep a time limit to keep the game moving.



12. 7 Up

This game is very simple. You form a circle with your co-workers and play this game. The first person will call out ‘1’, the next will call out ‘2’ and so on. The one who gets 7 will not call out 7 bt just throw his hands up in the air. If he calls out loud 7 then he is out of the game. Play until you are the last one standing.


13.The Bridge Challenge

Divide people into teams and gather resources such as newspapers, popsicle sticks, glue, and tape. Make a bridge that can hold books on both ends. The team with the maximum number of books will be crowned the winner. One of the best games to play in office and it might remind you of Jenga.


14. Scavenger Hunt

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One person will organize this scavenger hunt and the rest will be divided into groups. There will be clues that will lead to the prized possession. The team who reaches the prize first will be the winner.

15. Pictionary

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Create teams. The teams will pick out a card and based on what is written on the card, the player will draw clues for the team members to guess the word. The team that guesses it first will get a point. Play until you’re tired and then add up the points to see who wins.

This is one of the most fun games to play in office.

16. Blind Folded Obstacle Course

Another team game. Create a course of obstacles through the office. One person from each team will volunteer to go through the course blindfolded while the team members will guide them through the maze. It can also be played individually and then the person who comes through with the least amount of time will be the winner.

17.  The Human Knot

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Gather all the participants in a circle and hold each other’s hands. One person will hold the right hand and another will hold the left hand. Make sure that people are standing across each other so as to form a knot. One person will guide as to how the knots will be formed. Now you will have to untie the knot without leaving each other’s hands.

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18. Prank Wars

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Select any week from your schedule that is not so busy and go on a prank war with the other departments of your office. The department that succeeds to prank the most number of department wins. You can add little privileges for the winners like dropping the load of paperwork on the losers for making the game more interesting.

19. Baby picture guessing game

Image result for baby

Ask all your colleagues to bring a baby picture of theirs. Put all the baby pictures on a table and let everyone guess who is who. The person who guesses the most correct pictures will win. It will be cute and funny and lead to conversations from your childhood.


20. Playing cards or board games

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This game can be easily played during lunchtime. Make sure there are various board games and sets of cards that can be used by people. It is always fun to go back to the childhood days of playing board games and cards.


21. Cup Stacking

Image result for cup stacking game

Divide up into teams and get an equal number of cups for all the games without getting a definite number until the start of the competition. Each team will build a pyramid using the cups. The pyramid will have to be broken down by stacking one into another. If a cup is missing from the stack or the cup falls out of the pyramid, then the team starts from the beginning. May the fastest team win.


22. Telephone

Image result for chinese whisper game

This is a communication game. People whisper a message to the person sitting next to him/her. The message goes on until it reaches the last person. The last person says the message out loud. The message should be the same as the first person passed but whispering somehow changes the sentence most of the time. It’ll be funny to see the variations.


23. Paper Toss Basketball

Image result for paper toss basketball


Small trash can be placed at the end of the room and people can make a line in front of it, from a distance of course. Shoot the paper balls towards the bin, closest throws continue the game. Continue this until only one person is left. This is a simple yet one of the most fun games to play in office.


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