/Game we used to play in our childhood
Games we loved in Childhood

Game we used to play in our childhood

There are times when we get nostalgic when we watch children play the exact same games we used to play. We just want to get teleported to that time when we were also carefree and the biggest tension was how can I get to play till 8 pm. No matter how forward technology gets there are some games which are evergreen and played till date.
So here we have the games we loved in childhood and miss them even more.

Games we loved in Childhood


1. Staapu-

Arranging 7 stones over a brick and hitting it with a ball to arrange them back without getting eliminated, this game was our all time favorite. Selecting our teams by tip tap method was also a part of that fun.

2. Langdi tang-

Langdi taang Games we loved in Childhood
Up to a certain age, this game was unisex but afterward, it gets played solely by girls.
Hopping on one leg and crossing different levels was a part of our daily routine.

3. Hit that man-

Standing in a circle and targetting the people standing inside the circle to hit with a ball was a fun game. This was purely there to test our dodging skills.

4. Name place animal thing-

What to do when you are stuck in a history class and bored till death. Take out a notebook and start playing this game. Select a word and write all the above-mentioned things starting with that letter.

5. Bingo-

Another indoor game played by 3-4 people. Writing the numbers from 1-25 in a square box in a random manner and canceling the number as stated by other members to form a “bingo”. Probably one of our favorite indoor games

6. Tic tac toe-


Perfect game to be played by two people.
Anyone who applied a trick to win this game felt like a master.

7. Selecting a color-

We loved it when all of us used to gather in the nearest park in the evening and play this game. One person used to shout the name of the color that we were supposed to touch and whoever was left had to run for his life. Well I personally loved giving hard to find colors 😜

8. Hide & Seek

It was one of the best games we played growing up. If you are a 90s child you must know about those power cuts. That was the best time when we could play hide & seek. It holds a special place in our hearts.

9. Raja Bajeer Chor Sipahi

Whenever we had a free period in school, this is the goto game. Not only it was fun but also rather simple. Back of our notebooks were filled with scores. I am sure all  you have played this game while you were in school.

Honorable Mentions.

We all loved to play ludo but we can now enjoy it in our mobile phones. We also loved all the card games, monopoly, business and other fun games.

Playing those vintage video games (Mario, Contra, pac man) was also a treat. Exchanging game cassettes and completing a game brought us more joy than anything else in the world.

These were Games we loved in Childhood. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

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