How good it is to find a person who you get to annoy and still feel loved by them for the rest of your life. You know you have someone to be with for the rest of your life. They are your confidant, critic, supporter and your best friend. The moment you decide to take the plunge to spend the rest of your lives together is probably the first of all the best milestones that you will cover in the future. But planning a wedding takes a lot from you. You try to make it your fairytale in every sense and want everything to be just perfect. All things said and done you enjoy watching everything through pictures afterward.

Photographs take you back to that special day and make you nostalgic. Finding a good photographer defines how you look back at your wedding day. With Instagram and other social media platforms, we are spoiled for choice. People are doing a pretty good job. But there are many problems which you face if you don’t do proper research.

In this post, we have made a list off all the things that you should keep in mind while booking your service provider-


1. Professionalism-

Lack of professionalism is a boon in this segment. If the person covering your shoot is not punctual and is not flexible according to your demands then your fairy tale experience gets converted into a nightmare. To be on a safer side check the reviews before booking on various social media platforms.


2. Accessibility-

The service provider must not take all of your days as it’s your wedding and you are going to be busy. Efficient team to handle the shoot is of equal importance.

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3. Vanity Room-

A defined space for changing your clothes is a great comfort factor. Especially for the girls, it is comfortable as it can get really weird to go to a congested place and change the heavy attire.


4. Duplication-

Don’t fall for their standard way of presenting things. Make sure you check out their work and how they make it different for each couple at the same location. Pre-wedding is about the couple and each couple has a different story.


5. Product delivery-

Take everything in writing as people tend to complete the work and not devote proper time to the editing and also delay the product delivery. This spoils the thrill and excitement of watching your photographs at the promised time.


6. Learned team-

Make sure the people you choose are creative and take interest in your story. The certificates are not worthless, make sure you choose a learned professional.


7. Takes input-

This is your shoot and your day and there is nothing wrong in wanting things to be a certain way. Your inputs must be warmly welcomed.

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Here we are providing a sample of the work and you can find more over here

So these all things play a vital role while choosing your service provider. Does it seem too much? We have made it easier for you by finding out one of the best service providers in your vicinity “ILOLA ENTERTAINMENT”. Email

They are a team of young, talented and skilled professionals who will make your day worth remembering. Not only your photos will turn out to be amazing, but you would also actually enjoy the filming process with your partner.

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