This happened all of a sudden when I was presenting my work on Google meet and an error page appeared.

At first, I thought that I have some internet issues but this confusion went away in a second when other sites were working properly working. My slack and WhatsApp started buzzing with messages like Google is down. Within a short span of time, everybody was going crazy and people started making memes and started tweeting funny things like-

“You can’t Google to see if Google is down “

Gmail, Youtube, Docs, all services went down simultaneously. This was being tackled and users were informed that things will be back to normal quickly and it did happen but gave people enough time to experiment with humor.
We have made a list of tweets with #Googledown #YouTubeDown and other services that went down today.

Google Services Went Down ( Best Tweets )




















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  1. Ashish,

    I could see some of the bloggers started promoting their own platforms broadcasting this news about Google servers down – moment marketing! That’s pathetic!


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