It happens so many times that you are doing something very basic and get a sense of instant relief. Everybody enjoys some guilty pleasures which they are not ready to openly admit. Since childhood, we are enjoying these feelings even before we understanding the meaning of true pleasure. It stimulates the specific part of our brain which makes us forget about any tension and makes us feel good. Like that there are some things which will equally stimulate our brain. This post is written to mention those feelings which make us feel really good and are not acknowledged on daily basis.
Have a look and get ready to relate-


Guilty Pleasures of Life



1 – Peeing After a Long Time

Guilty Pleasures of Life

You have been holding it in for quite a while. Maybe there was no restroom or the situation wasn’t right. Once you find the restroom and that is the sweet release. This is the best feeling, feels like you are letting go all that pressure and you feel so light and alive.


2 – Peeling off the Plastic / Unboxing a New Gadget


Isn’t getting a new phone/gadget is sweet enough. Once you unbox the item, peeling that plastic is really awesome and pleasing.


3 – Itching that Spot That You Couldn’t Reach


Maybe against the wall or using a prop and once you hit that spot. That is truly a heavenly feeling.


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4 – Hot Shower/Bath in Winter


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Water is just to your liking, neither too cold nor too hot. And with every drop, that rolls on your body the tension is released. There is nothing quite like this feeling. Wouldn’t you agree?


5 – That Sneeze


You have been feeling like sneezing but those were just close calls. But after a while, you get that “mother of all sneeze” that literally shakes your whole body. Now that is a sneeze and that feeling is just WOW!


6 – Bubble Wrap


Like me, this might be the favourite pass time of many people. Popping that bubble wrap gives us more joy than anything else. We have been doing this since childhood.


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7 – Ripping That Fart


You have been holding it in because you don’t want to ruin the nice ambiance you are in. Finally, you get that opportunity and release that trapped beast. This feels good till it becomes embarrassing.

8 – Ear and Pinky Finger Love

You are suffering from cold and your ear is continuously itching, You slowly slide your pinky finger up there and the make it dance back and forth in your ear. Best feeling ever.


9 – Nose and that Cold


Your nose is jammed during cold and you are fighting to breathe freely through your nose instead of your mouth and finally you succeed, it feels like all you nerves going to your brain are unblocked and your vision is also now in HD.

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10 – Release from Constipation


Suffering from constipation and waiting for that final release to happen feels like centuries. But, when you get the green signal the traffic just overflows and you are sitting on the pot experiencing heaven. “BEST DUMP EVER”


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11 – After Excercise  Soreness


You hit it really hard in the gym the very first day because ‘motivation’ but the after effects are really painful. Every inch of your body asks for mercy and when you press that sore area you really feel good and relieved.


12 – Cracking the Knuckles



It is way more satisfying when you crack all your knuckles without missing a single one. That popping sound is what triggers that aaahhhh!! feeling. 😛


So these were some of the Guilty Pleasures of Life. Which one relaxes you the most? Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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