Every place has its own culture, food, heritage, and language or dialect. Haryana is a very prosperous state of India and has many things associated with it. The place has great importance in our Hindu mythology. The battle of Mahabharata took place in Kurukshetra (which is a part of Haryana) and Bhagavad Gita was preached here. The state has good fertility and thus farming is also the main occupation here practiced in the villages. Gurgaon, the IT hub makes it famous for technological as well as startup culture. Many famous sportspersons hail from Haryana and have made India proud on the international level by winning laurels.

Haryana is one of the most economically developed of India as well as South Asia.

The dialect of Haryana is often mistaken as being rude and harsh but there are few words which are often used but funny. Today we will give you a list of some of the most commonly used Haryanvi Slangs.

Popular Haryanvi Slangs


1) Bawli Tared –

Haryanvi slangs

The most commonly used slang. This is used when you have to call someone crazy. Quite funny to hear but the most widely used term.

How to Use:

English – You are Crazy

Hindi – Tu Bawli Tared hai!

2) Suthra –


Haryanvi slangs


Next time you meet a handsome guy, you know how to call him, right!

How to Use:

English – You are looking handsome today.

Hindi – Suthra lag raha hai aaj to.

3) Suthri –


Haryanvi slangs

Have a term for a handsome guy now then why leave a pretty girl. Suthri is a word for a pretty girl.

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How to Use:

English – She always looks very pretty

Hindi – Wo bahut suthri lagti hai hamesha

4) Yaadi –


Haryanvi slangs

Best friends are referred as Yaadi in Haryana.

How to Use:

English:  He is my best friend

Hindi: Apna yaadi hai ye.

5) Oout –


Haryanvi slangs

When someone is being naughty then you can call him this “Oout”.

How to Use:

English: Kids are notorious

Hindi: Ye bacche bahut oout hai

6) Khosde –


Haryanvi slangs

Ok, we know this is a very funny and weird sounding word but this is what we refer to shoes here.

How to use:

English: Those are nice shoes

Hindi: Mast khosde hai.

7) Gandak –


Haryanvi slangs

Call your pet this and it won’t answer. but those clueless expressions will surely crack you up.

How to use:

English: She was afraid of dogs

Hindi: Usko gandako se dar lagta tha

8) Dangar –


Haryanvi slangs

Cows, buffalos, camels, etc are called Dangar.

How to use:

English: Many families in India depend on livestock for survival

Hindi: India me bahut se pariwar ka sahara dangar hai

9) Kasutta –


Haryanvi slangs

This word is quite famous among people who hail from Haryana. This refers to amazing or awesome.

How to Use:

English: What an amazing shot

Hindi: Kya kasoota shot mara hai


10) Bhobra –


Haryanvi slangs

This is often used during fights. So, next time somebody threatens you, you know what they mean.

How to use:

English: His skull was broken from falling

Hindi: Girene se uska bhobra foot gaya

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11) Bhadak –


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Haryanvi slangs

When someone irritates you ask them to not do any “Bhadak”.

How to use:

English: He is very irritating

Hindi: Bhadak hai wo banda

12) Humbe –


Haryanvi slangs

I agree with someone by saying Humbe. It can also be used for no.

How to use:

English: I agree

Hindi: Humbe

13) Andy –


Haryanvi slangs

Found something kickass? That’s Andy!

How to use:

English: Movie was kickass

Hindi: Picture bahut andy thi.

14) Bhoondi –


Haryanvi slangs

This cartoon is kind of cute. But this word means ugly.

How to use:

English: That way a very ugly painting

Hindi: Bahut bhoondi tasveer thi.

15) Gadar –


Haryanvi slangs


If you found something super amazing and had fun then you are supposed to use this word.

How to use:

English: He was doing some excellent work

Hindi: Gardar tarike se kaam kar raha tha wo

16) Marod-


Haryanvi slangs

Well! What can we say. Many people have this thing and it is not good.

How to Use:

English: She had some attitude problem

Hindi: Bahut marod hai usme

17) Rifalna-


Haryanvi slangs

Some people are these and some people know these. Either way, you know what are they called by the people of Haryana.

How to use:

English: There are some people, who like to show off.

Hindi: Kuch bando ko rifalne ki aadat hoti hai

18) Chaala –


Haryanvi slangs

When someone does a stupendous job or wonders then it is called ‘Chaala’.

How to use:

English: Hima Das has done wonders

Hindi: Hima Das ne Challa hi paad dia

So here you have it guys. Some of the most common Haryanvi Slangs you should be using right now.  Did we miss anything?

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