How long have we been trying to be safe from the virus by staying home? How long have we been enduring prolonged quarantines and repeating lockdowns? How long have we been missing to feel nature longer, play outdoors as much as we want? the effects of this pandemic is daunting. Most of us might have been working from home or have found new hobbies to enjoy – baking, gardening, painting – but still we feel a little lonely and stressed at times. Until when are we going to deal with it?  No one can tell, as this pandemic is surprising us every other day with new variants that scare us more.

Staying home most of the time is our safest option up until now, and whether we like it or not, we have to accept it and live with it because our life and the life of the people that matter to us now depends on it.

But we all could agree that staying inside the home gets more and more boring each day, therefore we have to look for other ways how to turn our days into something fun and entertaining.

Do you know that one of the best ways is to play online games? Yes, easy and absolutely free to play online video games.

What is It is a secure site offering free and fun online games which can be quickly played from the browser. It was established right in the middle of the pandemic with a mission to add a bit of joy to people’s lives while they are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns and other health and safety reasons. Those who used to play the original Nintendo will surely feel nostalgic about the games featured on this site.

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Unlike today’s popular mobile games,’s online video games don’t focus on battles, have no paid upgrades, status symbols, and addictive loops. The games that can be played and finished quickly are casual and super simple, too so you have more time to enjoy other types of games you want. No need to download apps to play, which means you save much on your internal storage. There is also no need to register or set up a user account. You can enjoy all you want without sacrificing your privacy and other personal info.

Another thing that you’ll love about is that it offers very kid and family-friendly games, that everyone and any member of the family can play and enjoy anytime for as long as their connection to the internet. Plus, the games are not violent, with no blood or pornography.

There are a lot of types of games to choose from: puzzle, simulation, abstract, strategy, and even educational games for the young ones! is indeed a platform for learning, too.

Amidst this pandemic, going back to the basics will help us feel less scared and stressed. Let us look for enjoyment and fun activity from simple things inside our humble abode. Playing uncomplicated games from  will also help improve our mental health as it will help us chill and just relax despite the uncertainties outside of our home.


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