How I Met Your Mother has a separate fanbase. Many people loved this show given to its concept of a guy telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. The lessons in the show are life-changing and many of us took something worth remembering from it. The characters became a part of our life as all of them are very layered and have some positive as well as some negative traits. Just like how a human is wired. In this post let us find out which character are you based on the HIMYM personality quiz.

Let us see if you get Ted’s resilience and passion or Robin’s pragmatism. Whether you get Barney’s sense of humour or Marshall’s unconditional supportive nature or you get the creative and leadership qualities of Lily. If you are a fan and always wondered which character do you most resonates to then do take this quiz.



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Would you leave a high paying job to follow your dreams?

You tend to bond with people over

Your friend asks you to help him with something but you already have plans. You would

Do you find drawing /painting easy

What kind of movie do you like

You get a job offer outside your city. You would

Would you end a relationship if you both want different things?

Do you prefer living with a roommate?

Your partner wants to leave the comfortable job and try something new. You would

What describes you the best as a part of a group

HIMYM Personality Quiz
You are Ted

You do everything passionately and actually care about things, You like to be the smart one and are curious to share knowledge with others.
You are Barney

You are an outgoing person and make friends easily. You are very open to new ideas and are a creative person. You like to explore things and encourage others to do so.
You are Lily

You are creative and a good listener. Your friends come to you to share their problems and happiness. You are very nurturing and really care about people. You have good leadership qualities.
You are Marshall

You are very caring and a very good listener. You have a good value system and are proud of where you come from. You try to hold everything together in a group.
You are Robin

Your work is very important to you. You are a goal-oriented person and do all the efforts to achieve your target. You don’t daydream and think things through before taking a decision.



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